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SPD Engine Disk I/O Setup

The Scalable Performance Data Engine (SPD Engine) may use up to four different areas to store user data and other information. These four areas are: In order to maximize your scalability and performance with the SPD Engine, it is important that you give careful thought to how you allocate space and disk resources to the four areas listed above. A "Quick Guide to SPD Engine Disk-I/O Set-Up"   available in PDF gives guidelines on how to configure your hardware resources in order to get the best performance from the SPD Engine. Information is given to allow you to determine the amount of space that needs to be allocated to the various areas. The pros and cons of different RAID groups for each of the different types of areas are described. In addition, a program is provided that can be run after you have allocated your hardware resources to help you determine if you have properly configured your SPD Engine enviroment.