SAS on the Grid

Many SAS products and solutions have been integrated with SAS Grid Manager to allow easy and often seamless submission to the grid. The specific products are listed by functionality in the table below.

SAS Application or Product Scheduling Workload
SAS programs
SAS Data Integration Studio
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
SAS Workspace Server
SAS Stored Process Server
SAS Stored Processes
SAS Web Report Studio
SAS Marketing Automation
SAS Marketing Optimization
SAS Risk Dimensions
JMP Genomics
SAS Demand Forecasting for Retail 4.2
SAS for Customer Experience Analytics
All SAS Solutions * * *
* Most SAS Solutions package one or more of the products or components in the table above, use a SAS server that can benefit from workload balancing and require the SAS metadata server and other components to be highly available. Therefore, SAS Solutions also benefit from being deployed with SAS Grid Manager.

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