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ODS Report Writing Interface

ODS Report Writing Interface is production in SAS 9.4. See the SAS Output Delivery System: Advanced Topics.

This feature is preproduction in SAS 9.1.3 through SAS 9.3. Several bug fixes were made in the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2. If you are using this feature in SAS 9.2, upgrading to the third maintenance release is strongly recommended.

The custom report writing capabilities are also more commonly referred to as DATA _NULL_ report writing, which has long been an integral part of the SAS reporting solution. The ODS Report Writing Interface is intended to fully embrace ODS features such as proportional fonts, traffic lighting, colors, images, and Unicode characters, while at the same time providing pixel-perfect placement capabilities. This interface is not only fully integrated with all the capabilities of ODS, but also takes advantage of the rich programming features that the DATA step offers, such as conditional logic, formatting capabilities, BY-group processing, arrays, and a wealth of other features. The ODS Report Writing Interface is an object-oriented language that provides you with flexibility and control so that even the most rigid reporting requirements can be met with ease.

Warning: The feature and documentation are preproduction for SAS 9.1.3 through SAS 9.3.

See the updated paper from SGF 2009 and the syntax (March 2009).

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