SAS/STAT Software


The SURVEYIMPUTE procedure imputes missing values of an item in a data set by replacing them with observed values from the same item. The principles by which the imputation is performed are particularly useful for survey data. The following are highlights of the SURVEYIMPUTE procedure's features:

  • fully efficient fractional hot-deck imputation
  • traditional hot-deck imputation with the following donor selection methods
    • approximate Bayesian bootstrap
    • simple random samples without replacement
    • simple random samples with replacement
    • probability proportional to respondent weights with replacement
  • computes imputation-adjusted replicate weights
  • computes imputation-adjusted balanced repeated replication (BRR) weights
  • computes imputation-adjusted jackknife weights
  • provides a CELLS statement which names the variables that identify the imputation cells
  • imputes variables jointly or independently for the fully efficient fractional imputation method
  • creates a SAS data set that contains the imputed data

For further details see the SURVEYIMPUTE Procedure