SAS/STAT Software

REG Procedure

The REG procedure is a general purpose procedure for ordinary least squares regression. The following are highlights of the REG procedure's features:

  • supports multiple MODEL statements
  • provides nine model-selection methods
  • allows interactive changes both in the model and the data used to fit the model
  • supports linear equality restrictions on parameters
  • provides tests of linear hypotheses and multivariate hypotheses
  • provides collinearity diagnostics
  • computes predicted values, residuals, studentized residuals, confidence limits, and influence statistics
  • allows correlation or crossproduct input
  • saves requested statistics to SAS data sets
  • enables you to save the fitted model to an item store, which can be processed by the PLM procedure
  • performs BY group processing, which enables you to obtain separate analyses on grouped observations
  • perform weighted estimation
  • create a SAS data set that corresponds to any output table
  • automatically creates graphs by using ODS Graphics

For further details see the REG Procedure