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PSMATCH Procedure

The PSMATCH procedure provides a variety of tools for performing propensity score analysis. The PSMATCH procedure reduces the effects of confounding in nonrandomized trials or observational studies where the subjects are not randomly assigned to the treatment and control groups.

The PSMATCH procedure computes propensity scores, which estimate the probability that a subject is assigned to treatment given a set of pretreatment (baseline) covariates. The following methods for using the propensity scores to adjust the data for valid estimation of treatment effect are available:

Provides various plots for assessing balance. Included plots are:

The PSMATCH procedures saves propensity scores and weights in an output data set that contains a sample that has been adjusted either by weighting, stratification, or matching. If the sample is stratified, you can save the strata identification in the output data set. If the sample is matched, you can save the matching identification in the output data set.

For further details see the SAS/STAT User's Guide: The PSMATCH Procedure
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