SAS/STAT Software

POWER Procedure

The POWER procedure performs prospective power and sample size analyses for a variety of goals, such as the following:

  • provides analysis for the following:
    • t tests, equivalence tests, and confidence intervals for means
    • tests, equivalence tests, and confidence intervals for binomial proportions
    • multiple regression
    • tests of correlation and partial correlation
    • one-way analysis of variance
    • rank tests for comparing two survival curves
    • logistic regression with binary response
    • Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney (rank-sum) test
    • Cox proportional hazards regression
    • Farrington-Manning noniferiority tests of relative risk
  • determining the sample size required to get a significant result with adequate probability (power)
  • characterizing the power of a study to detect a meaningful effect
  • conducting what-if analyses to assess sensitivity of the power or required sample size to other factors
  • creates a SAS data set that corresponds to any output table
  • automatically creates graphs by using ODS Graphics

For further details see the POWER Procedure