SAS/STAT Software

PLM Procedure

The PLM procedure performs postfitting statistical analyses for the contents of a SAS item store that was previously created with the STORE statement in some other SAS/STAT procedure. An item store is a special SAS-defined binary file format used to store and restore information with a hierarchical structure. The following are highlights of the PLM procedure's features:

  • performs custom hypothesis tests
  • computes confidence intervals
  • produces prediction plots
  • scores a new data set
  • enables you to filter the results
  • offers the most advanced postprocessing techniques available in SAS/STAT including the following:
    • step-down multiplicity adjustments for p-values
    • F tests with order restrictions
    • analysis of means (ANOM)
    • sampling-based linear inference based on Bayes posterior estimates

For further details see the SAS/STAT User's Guide: The PLM Procedure
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