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The ICLIFETEST procedure performs nonparametric survival analysis for interval-censored data. You can PROC ICLIFETEST to compute nonparametric estimates of the survival functions and to examine the equality of the survival functions through statistical tests. The following are highlights of the ICLIFETEST procedure's features:

  • uses the efficient EMICM algorithm to estimate survival functions by default
  • supports Turnbull's algorithm and the iterative convex minorant (ICM) algorithm
  • computes standard errors of the survival estimates by using a multiple imputation method or a bootstrap method
  • supports several transformation-based confidence intervals
  • produces survival plots
  • provides the weighted generalized log-rank test
  • supports a variety of weight functions for testing early or late differences
  • supports a stratified test for survival differences within predefined populations
  • supports a trend test for ordered alternatives
  • supports multiple-comparison functionalities
  • creates a SAS data set that corresponds to any output table
  • automatically creates graphs by using ODS Graphics

For further details see the SAS/STAT User's Guide: The ICLIFETEST Procedure