SAS/STAT Software


The HPLOGISTIC procedure is a high-performance statistical procedure that fits logistic regression models for binary, binomial, and multinomial data. The following are highlights of the HPLOGISTIC procedure's features:

  • provides model-building syntax with the CLASS and effect-based MODEL statements
  • provides response-variable options as in the LOGISTIC procedure
  • performs maximum likelihood estimation
  • provides multiple link functions
  • provides cumulative link models for ordinal data and generalized logit modeling for unordered multinomial data
  • enables model building (variable selection) through the SELECTION statement
  • provides a WEIGHT statement for weighted analysis
  • provides a FREQ statement for grouped analysis
  • provides an OUTPUT statement to produce a data set with predicted probabilities and other observationwise statistics
  • enables you to run in distributed mode on a cluster of machines that distribute the data and the computations
  • enables you to run in single-machine mode on the server where SAS is installed
  • exploits all the available cores and concurrent threads, regardless of execution mode
  • performs parallel reads of input data and parallel writes of output data when the data source is the appliance database

For further details see the HPLOGISTIC Procedure