Enhancements in SAS/STAT® 14.3 Software


SAS/STAT 14.3 Highlights

SAS/STAT 14.3 includes two new procedures in addition to many enhancements to existing functionality. Highlights of the new release include the following:

  • The new CAUSALMED procedure estimates causal mediation effects from observational data.
  • The GAMPL procedure now supports the Tweedie distribution.
  • In PROC FREQ, the COMMONRISKDIFF option in the TABLES statement provides estimates, confidence limits, and tests for the overall risk (proportion) difference for multiway tables.
  • The IRT procedure now supports the nominal response model, which enables you to do item analysis of nominal responses.
  • The NLMIXED and MCMC procedures add a CMPTMODEL statement that fits compartment models in pharmacokinetic analysis.
  • The PHREG procedure provides the cause-specific proportional hazards analysis for competing-risks data.
  • The QUANTREG and QUANTSELECT procedures provide fast quantile process regression.
  • The VARMETHOD=BOOTSTRAP option provides variance estimation by the bootstrap method for the survey data analysis procedures.
  • The TTEST procedure provides bootstrap standard error, bias estimates, and confidence limits.

Balanced Data from Randomized Complete Block