Enhancements in SAS/IML® 9.3 Software


SAS/IML 9.3 includes two new features that are related to calling other languages from within the IML procedure:

In addition, SAS/IML 9.3 provides several new functions and subroutines.

Calling SAS Procedures from PROC IML

SAS/IML 9.3 supports the SUBMIT and ENDSUBMIT statements. These statements delimit a block of statements that are sent to another language for processing.

The SUBMIT and ENDSUBMIT statements enable you to call SAS procedures and DATA steps without leaving the IML procedure.

You can use SAS data sets to transfer data between SAS/IML matrices and SAS procedures. SAS procedures require that data be in a SAS data set.

Calling R Functions from PROC IML

The SUBMIT and ENDSUBMIT statements also provide an interface to the R statistical programming language, so that you can submit R statements from within your SAS/IML program. To submit statements to R, specify the R option in the SUBMIT statement.

You can transfer data from SAS/IML matrices and SAS data sets into R matrices and R data frames, and vice versa. Specifically, the following subroutines are available to transfer data from a SAS format into an R format:

Transferring from a SAS Source to an R Destination
SAS Source
R Destination
ExportDataSetToR SAS data set R data frame
ExportMatrixToR SAS/IML matrix R matrix

In addition, the following subroutines are available to transfer data from an R format into a SAS format:

Transferring from an R Source to a SAS Destination
R Source
SAS Destination
ImportDataSetFromR R expression SAS data set
ImportMatrixFromR R expression SAS/IML matrix

An "R expression" can be the name of a data frame, the name of a matrix, or an expression that results in either of these data structures.

New Functions and Subroutines in SAS/IML 9.3

The following new functions and subroutines were introduced in SAS/IML 9.3:

Changes to the IMLMLIB Library in SAS/IML 9.3

The CORR module has been removed from the IMLMLIB library. In its place is the built-in CORR function.

The MEDIAN, QUARTILE, and STANDARD modules now support missing values in the data argument.

Documentation Enhancements

The first six chapters of the SAS/IML User’s Guide have been completely rewritten in order to provide new users with a gentle introduction to the SAS/IML language. Two new chapters have been written:

Enhancements in SAS/IML® Studio 3.4