SAS/IML Genetic Algorithms Functions and CALL Subroutines

Genetic Algorithms Functions

Function Purpose
GASETUP sets up a specific genetic algorithm optimization problem


Genetic Algorithms CALL Subroutines

CALL Subroutine Purpose
GAEND terminates a genetic algorithm and frees memory resources
GAGETMEM gets requested members and objective values from the current solution population
GAGETVAL gets objective function values for a requested member of the current solution population
GAINIT initializes the initial solution population
GAREEVAL reevaluates the objective function for all solutions in the current population
>GAREGEN replaces the current solution population by applying selection, crossover, and mutation for a genetic algorithm optimization problem
GASETCRO specifies a current crossover operator
GASETMUT specifies a current mutation operator
GASETOBJ specifies a current objective function
GASETSEL specifies a current selection parameters