SAS/IML Numerical Analysis Functions and CALL Subroutines

Numerical Analysis Functions

Function Purpose
BSPLINE computes a B-spline basis
FFT performs the finite Fourier transform
IFFT computes the inverse finite Fourier transform
JROOT computes the first nonzero roots of a Bessel function of the first kind and the derivative of the Bessel function at each root
ORPOL generates orthogonal polynomials on a discrete set of data
POLYROOT finds zeros of a real polynomial
PRODUCT multiplies matrices of polynomials
RATIO divides matrix polynomials
SPLINEV evaluates a cubic spline at new data points


Numerical Analysis CALL Subroutines

CALL Subroutine Purpose
ODE performs numerical integration of first-order vector differential equations with initial boundary conditions
ORTVEC provides columnwise orthogonalization by the Gram-Schmidt process and stepwise QR decomposition by the Gram-Schmidt process
QUAD performs numerical integration of scalar functions in one dimension over infinite, connected semi-infinite, and connected finite intervals
SPLINE and SPLINEC fits a cubic spline to data
TPSPLINE computes thin-plate smoothing splines
TPSPLNEV evaluates the thin-plate smoothing spline at new data points