SAS/IML 14.2 Highlights

  • Support for new nonmatrix data types: tables and lists.
    • A table is a rectangular data structure that is an in-memory version of a data set. For more information about tables, see Mixed-Type Tables
    • A list is a nonrectangular data structure that can contain matrices, tables, and other lists. For more information about lists, see Lists and Data Structures
  • The RANDGEN subroutine supports the following new distributions: Conway-Maxwell-Poisson, extreme value, generalized Poisson, Gompertz, Gumbel, integer, and shifted Gompertz.
  • The SUBMIT statement has been enhanced. Macro variables that are created in a SUBMIT block are available outside the SUBMIT block. Global SAS statements that are executed in a SUBMIT block affect the environment outside the SUBMIT block.
List L Sublist S