SASEOECD Interface Engine

The SASEOECD interface engine enables SAS users to retrieve time series data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) website. This website offers access to statistical data on topics such as agriculture and fisheries, economy, education, employment, energy, environment, finance, health, industry and entrepreneurship, innovation, insurance and pensions, international migration, internet economy, investment, rural and urban development, science and technology, social and welfare issues, tax, trade, and transport, as well as access to the OECD.Stat data warehouse. Time series are offered in yearly, semesterly, quarterly, and monthly frequencies.

The SASEOECD interface engine uses the LIBNAME statement to enable you to download OECD online data from the website.

It also enables you to specify which time series you want to retrieve, by using the corresponding data set ID and keysets. You specify the time range of the retrieved data by using a start date and an end date. You can then use the SAS DATA step to perform further subsetting, retrieve the data, and store the resulting time series in a SAS data set.


For further details, see the SAS/ETS® User's Guide