SAS/ETS Software

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Spreadsheet Calculations and Financial Report Generation

The COMPUTAB procedure generates tabular reports using a programmable data table. The COMPUTAB procedure is very useful when you need both the power of a programmable spreadsheet and a report generation system that runs in batch mode.

Details of the COMPUTAB Procedure

Loan Analysis, Comparison, and Amortization

The LOAN procedure analyzes and compares fixed rate, adjustable rate, buydown, and balloon payment loans. The LOAN procedure computes the loan parameters and outputs the loan summary information for each loan. Multiple loans can be processed and compared in terms of economic criteria such as after-tax or before-tax present worth of cost and true interest rate, breakeven of periodic payment and of interest paid, and outstanding balance at different periods in time. PROC LOAN selects the best alternative in terms of the specified economic criterion for each loan comparison period.

Use the LOAN procedure to analyze and compare different types of loans.

Details of the LOAN Procedure