SAS/ETS 14.3 Highlights

SAS/ETS 14.3 provides the following improvements and enhancements:

  • New SASEWBGO interface engine enables you to retrieve time series data from the World Bank Group Open (WBGO) data website.
  • New TMODEL procedure incorporates high-performance computational techniques and offers new features that enhance the functionality of PROC MODEL.
  • The PANEL procedure was enhanced by adding new options for dynamic panel estimation including DYNDIFF and DYNSYS options to estimate models with differenced and level equations.
  • The QLIM procedure adds the no-U-turn sampler (NUTS) of the Hamiltonian algorithm that samples from the posterior distribution by using information from the gradient.
  • The SASEFAME interface engine adds features to support remote access to MarketMap's (FAME) master and MCADBS servers.
  • The SASEFRED interface engine adds support for USER= and DEBUG= options to store data sets and logs.
  • The SASEQUAN interface engine was enhanced to support Version 3 of the Quandl API.
  • The SASERAIN interface engine now supports the premium weather API by default while the free weather API has been discontinued by World Weather Online.
  • The SSM procedure was enhanced by adding model-based temporal aggregation and temporal distribution for time series that have response variables of flow type.
  • The UCM procedure now allows you to specify higher-order stochastic cycle components in your models.
  • The VARMAX procedure was enhanced to include support for confidence intervals and standard errors for impulse response functions of exogenous variables and for all impulse response functions of VARFIMA models now appear in corresponding plots and tables.

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