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February 2011 Tactics for Pushing SQL to the Relational Databases (PDF)
This paper is a definitive study for using SAS with third-party relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, and Teradata. This paper assumes that you have a powerful relational database and want SAS software to maximally leverage the relational database by performing data-intensive operations in the relational database. This paper also looks at the tradeoffs of performing work primarily by using SAS versus work that is performed primarily by using the relational database.
July 2010 Troubleshooting SAS and Teradata Query Performance Problems (PDF)
This document explains how to troubleshoot database performance issues using SAS and client tools supplied by Teradata. These tools can help you to determine the root cause of many performance problems, and thereby, enable you to fix these issues yourself.
July 2010 Effectively Moving SAS Data into Teradata (PDF)
This document discusses the best way to move SAS data into the Teradata server.
November 2009 Using SASŪ Stored Processes inside Teradata (PDF)
This paper describes how a Teradata user can fully leverage the breadth of SAS functionality, including analytics, using only Teradata SQL.
March 2009 In-Database Procedures with Teradata: How They Work and What They Buy You (PDF)
This paper discusses when the use of SGIO and DIO is appropriate and how to specify and tune the two capabilities. In addition, the paper will present examples of potential system I/O throughput improvement, which can be very significant.
March 2009 Publish SAS Formats in Your Teradata Server (PDF)
The SAS In-Database Processing initiative, through the SAS and Teradata partnership, has introduced the SAS Formats Library for Teradata. Now SAS formats can be published inside the database, allowing Teradata to do all the work. This paper covers the entire deployment process for SAS formats and custom formats.
March 2008 New SAS Performance Optimizations to Enhance Your SAS Client and Solution Access to the Database (PDF)
This paper presents the major SQL optimizations that have been added to PROC SQL to enhance its performance for SAS 9.2. These optimizations are the result of analyzing SQL queries generated by SAS clients and solutions, and finding new and innovative ways to squeeze out more performance.
April 2007 TS-783: Defining an OLEDB Library in SAS Management Console Using Windows Authentication (PDF)
October 2006 Delivering Intelligence for Real-Time Decision Making (PDF)
This paper discusses how SAS and SAS Data Integration can be used to integrate with real-time data sources (message queues, Web services, and service-oriented architectures) to deliver the information needed to make decisions that are based on intelligence at the right time.
July 2005 SAS/ACCESS 9.1.x Interface to DB2 on the Mainframe Using the LIBNAME Engine (PDF)
This paper provides an overview of the most important features and capabilities of the SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2. General and technical product information is given for SAS/ACCESS and DB2 RDBMS users who need fast, seamless access to DB2 tables from the SAS System. The methods for accessing DB2 data are presented, along with examples.
November 2003 SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata (PDF)
This paper offers information from general to technical. It provides method documentation, performance evaluations, and optimization tips. It even contains a section for Frequently Asked Questions. If you store data in a Teradata DBMS, this paper is a must-read!
November 2000 Potential Result Set Differences in SAS vs. Relational Database Management Systems (PDF)
SAS/ACCESS software continues to move more processing from SAS to your relational database management system to provide better performance. This paper discusses potential result set differences that can occur with this processing shift to the database management system.