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January 2010 TS-802: Defining an ODBC Library in SASŪ 9.2 Management Console Using Microsoft Windows NT Authentication (PDF)
This document explains how to define an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) library in SASŪ 9.2 Management Console using Windows authentication to access Microsoft SQL Server data.
September 2008 Best Practices for SAS®9 Metadata Server Change Control (PDF)
This paper focuses on change control for the SAS Metadata Server, and identifies some best practices for implementing processes around the usage of metadata promotion tools. This is intended for SAS system administrators who are familiar with the SAS architecture and the role that the metadata server plays. We focus on how to structure the metadata environment, the tools available for handling changes in metadata, and best practice processes that control how change occurs.
September 2005 SAS Scheduling: Getting the Most Out of Your Time and Resources (PDF)
This paper illustrates how organizations can better leverage the scheduling capabilities in SAS software. If you are new to SAS Scheduling, you will learn how to take advantage of the integrated SAS Scheduling capabilities for your SAS applications. For those already implementing SAS Scheduling solutions, information will be given on how to extend your scheduling capabilities within your environment. Some of the topics covered include various configurations of operating systems and machines, methods for implementing site policies, and ways to extend the capabilities through the integration with Platform JobScheduler for SAS.
September 2004 Implementing Site Policies for SAS Scheduling with Platform JobScheduler (PDF)
This paper is written for job-scheduling administrators and applications developers who build scheduled jobs. It is assumed that the reader has a basic understanding of scheduling servers and how to use the SAS Management Console Schedule Manager plug-in.