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Paper Sections
Applications Development Energy and Utilities SAS Presents... Global Perspectives
Beyond the Basics Financial Services SAS Presents... IT Management
BI Forum/Business Intelligence Foundations and Fundamentals SAS Presents... JMP
Business Intelligence User Applications Government SAS Presents... Solutions
Coders' Corner Hands-on Workshops SAS Presents...Operations Research
Communications, Media, Entertainment and Travel Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence
Customer Intelligence Planning, Development and Support SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization
Data Integration Posters SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration
Data Mining and Predictive Modeling Reporting and Information Visualization Statistics and Data Analysis
Education Retail Systems Architecture
Emerging Issues SAS Presents  

Table of Contents

Applications Development   (Download entire section)

Paper 001-2009:

 Wong, Daniel


Achieving High Availability in a SAS® Grid Environment


Paper 002-2009:

 Tilanus, Erik


Using the DATA Step as a POP3 Mail Client


Paper 003-2009:

 Scocca, David


The Science of Application Debugging


Paper 004-2009:

 Jahn, Dan; Klenz, Brad


Tips and Techniques for Analytic Web Services


Paper 005-2009:

 Leveille, John; Kratz, David


Building Analytic Services with SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 006-2009:

 Pratter, Frederick


SAS® EBI: What Is It, What Will It Do for Me, and Does It Really Work?


Paper 007-2009:

 Truong, Sy


Visual Guide to SAS® Web Application Development: Techniques and Methodologies for Efficient Web Application Development for SAS®


Paper 008-2009:

 Gober, John; Sutha, Arumugam


Formats, MP/Connect, and Other Efficiency Techniques to Save Time and Space


Paper 009-2009:

 Vandenbroucke, David A.


An Algorithm for Verifying Contiguity in a Set of Linked Entities


Paper 010-2009:

 Dorfman, Paul M.


From Obscurity to Utility: ADDR, PEEK, POKE as DATA Step Programming Tools


Paper 011-2009:

 Edney, Shawn


Creating Common Information Structures Using Lists Stored in SAS® DATA Step HASH Objects


Paper 012-2009:

 Chandler, Myron A.


Maximum SAS®: Analyzing and Increasing Performance


Paper 013-2009:

 Sherman, Paul; Carpenter, Art


Secret Sequel: Keeping Your Password Away from the LOG


Paper 014-2009:

 Zender, Cynthia


CSSSTYLE: Stylish Output with ODS and SAS® 9.2


Paper 015-2009:

 Nguyen, Mai; Trahan, Shane


Geospatial Analysis Using SAS® and the Google Map API


Paper 016-2009:

 Parker, Chevell


A SAS® Output Delivery System Menu for All Appetites and Applications


Paper 017-2009:

 Lill, Robert M.; Tuttle, Steven R.


Developing Rich Internet Applications (RIA) Using the SAS® Intelligence Platform


Paper 018-2009:

 Gebhart, Eric


ODS Packages: Putting Some Zip in Your ODS Output


Paper 019-2009:

 Li, Houliang


The SAS® Terminator: An Ultimate Killer of UNIX Processes


Paper 020-2009:

 Miles, Brian; Zenick, Ben


Custom Calculations Are a Snap When Using MDX and OLAP


Paper 022-2009:

 Chung, Chang Y.; King, John


Is This Macro Parameter Blank?


Paper 023-2009:

 Derby, Nathaniel


Creating Your Own Worksheet Formats in exportToXL


Paper 024-2009:

 Keintz, Mark


A Faster Index for Sorted SAS® Datasets


Paper 025-2009:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


So, You’ve Got Data Enterprise Wide (SAS®, ACCESS, EXCEL, MySQL, and Others); Well, Let SAS® Enterprise Guide® Software Point-n-Click Your Way to Using It


Beyond the Basics   (Download entire section)

Paper 026-2009:

 Carpenter, Art


Advanced PROC REPORT: Getting Your Tables Connected Using Links—Part I Tutorial


Paper 027-2009:

 Molter, Michael


Tips and Tricks for Creating the Reports Your Clients Need to See


Paper 028-2009:

 Nelson, Gregory


Building Your First Dashboard Using the SAS® 9 Business Intelligence Platform: A Tutorial


Paper 029-2009:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Get Your Data Squeaky Clean with SAS® Data Quality Server


Paper 030-2009:

 Clover, Lina; Mebane, Cummins


Configuring and Customizing SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2 in the SAS® Platform Environment


Paper 031-2009:

 Mason, Philip


Building Interactive Web Applications Using Stored Processes


Paper 032-2009:

 Cochran, Ben


Using SAS® Arrays to Manipulate Data


Paper 033-2009:

 Williams, Christianna


A Row Is a Row Is a Row, or Is It? Get Comfortable with Transposing Your Data


Paper 034-2009:

 Cody, Ronald


Advanced Features of User-Defined Formats and Informats


Paper 035-2009:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Exploring PROC SQL Joins and Join Algorithms


Paper 036-2009:

 Foley, Malachy (Mal)


MERGING vs. JOINING: Comparing the DATA Step with SQL


Paper 037-2009:

 Graham, Jody L.; Langston, Rick


Scalability of Table Lookup Techniques


Paper 038-2009:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Vyverman, Koen


The DOW-Loop Unrolled


Paper 039-2009:

 Wright, Wendi L.


Using PROC TABULATE and ODS Style Options to Make Really Great Tables


Paper 040-2009:

 Theuwissen, Henri


You Need to Consolidate Massive Amounts of Data? Select the Fastest Method or Go for Minimal Memory Requirements to Build Your Result


Paper 041-2009:

 Raithel, Michael; Rhoads, Michael


You Might Be a SAS® Energy Hog If ...


Paper 042-2009:

 Dhillon, Rupinder ; Droogendyk, Harry


Manipulating OLAP Cubes: Advanced Techniques for SAS® Programmers


Paper 043-2009:

 O'Connor, Daniel; Huntley, Scott


Breaking New Ground with SAS® 9.2 ODS Layout Enhancements


BI Forum/Business Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 280-2009:

 Coldwell, Ryan


Cabela's Tames Two Wild Animals: Integrating SAS® and Teradata


Paper 384-2009:

 Sglavo, Udo; Weisz, Jon T.


Data-Driven Story-Telling: Showcasing Visualization and Analytic Techniques with SAS® and JMP®


Paper 385-2009:

 Kincaid, Charles


Revolutionary BI: A Vision for Business Intelligence


Paper 386-2009:

 Zhao, Daqing


The University of Phoenix Wins Big with SAS® Grid Computing


Paper 387-2009:

 Pillalamarri, Shyam; Bailey, Chris; Ambati SriSatish


Massively Scaling Concurrent Users of SAS® Financial Management


Paper 388-2009:

 Davis, John


Branding SAS® Web Applications for Your Enterprise


Paper 389-2009:

 Davis, Susan


Real-Time Business Decisions


Paper 390-2009:

 Henderson, David; Alexandre, Sean


Integrating SAS® Business Intelligence with Microsoft SharePoint


Paper 391-2009:

 Chitale, Anand V.; Choy, Justin


BI User Roles: Managing and Integrating your BI Environment


Paper 418-2009:

 Clover, Lina; Mebane, Cummins


A Look into the Future: SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office


Paper 419-2009:

 Styll, Rick


What’s New in SAS® Web Report Studio 4.2


Paper 420-2009:

 Thomas, Michael


Adobe Flash & SAS: Intelligent Interactivity


Business Intelligence User Applications   (Download entire section)

Paper 044-2009:

 Quinn, Gerard


Implementing a BI Reporting Environment: Making Dashboards More OLAP-Friendly


Paper 045-2009:

 Wei, Jifa; Gao, Emily Y.; Wang, Frank J.; Chu, Robert


Dashboard Reports for Predictive Model Management


Paper 046-2009:

 Nicklin, Clare A.


Identifying Complications and Overcoming Problems Using SAS® Enterprise BI Server


Paper 047-2009:

 Power, Emilio J.; Edney, Shawn


Interrogate the Interrogator: Presenting SAS® Usage Information Using BI Tools


Paper 048-2009:

 Weisensee, Debbie; McInnis, Anne; Hult, Lars


Integrating Financial and Non-Financial Information to Enhance Strategic Decision-Making Capabilities at McMaster University


Paper 049-2009:

 Mens, Janus


Roles in Business Intelligence


Paper 050-2009:

 Christenson, Paul; Trelstad, Susan


Information Maps That Rock: How to Design for Optimal Performance While Balancing Cost and Other Business Requirements


Paper 051-2009:

 Beese, Tim; Smith, Casey; Smith, Lynne


What's New in SAS® Add-In 4.2 for Microsoft Office


Coders' Corner   (Download entire section)

Paper 052-2009:

 Langston, Rick


Creating SAS® Data Sets from HTML Table Definitions


Paper 053-2009:

 Zeng, Xu


Variable Names Don't Begin with the Same Characters? No Problem: How to Create Variable List without Copying, Pasting or Excel Intervention


Paper 054-2009:

 Fehd, Ronald


Using Functions SYSFUNC and IFC to Conditionally Execute Statements in Open Code


Paper 055-2009:

 Tian, Yunchao (Susan)


LAG: The Very Powerful and Easily Misused SAS® Function


Paper 056-2009:

 Grant, Paul


Using IN:( ) to code Character Comparisons with Criteria Having Different Lengths


Paper 057-2009:

 Holland, Philip R.


The Pros and Cons of PROC DOCUMENT


Paper 058-2009:

 Suhr, Diana


Selecting a Stratified Sample with PROC SURVEYSELECT


Paper 059-2009:

 Murphy, William C.


PROC REPORT: Titling It Right, with Footnotes to Boot


Paper 060-2009:

 Zirbel, Douglas


Learn the Basics of PROC TRANSPOSE


Paper 061-2009:

 Teng, Christine


Let SQL Write SQL Scripts for You – Counts Report


Paper 062-2009:

 Mendez, Lisa A.; Dunn, Toby


A Propaedeutics for PROC SQL Joins


Paper 063-2009:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


Exploring the Undocumented PROC SQL _METHOD Option


Paper 064-2009:

 Milum, Jenine


PROC FORMAT, A Speedy Alternative to Sort Sort Merge


Paper 065-2009:

 Sharma, Hitesh


Effectiveness and Cost of SAS® Compression


Paper 066-2009:

 Koopmann, Jr., Richard


%LibDoc: A Library Documentation Macro


Paper 067-2009:

 Thompson, Stephanie R.


Another Way to Make Use of Variable Labels


Paper 068-2009:

 McDonald, Paul D.


Backup from the Startup: Keep a Constant Backup of Your SAS® Logs and Listing Output from SAS Display Manager in Microsoft Windows


Paper 069-2009:

 Elliot, Collin; Morris, Eli


“Excel”lent SAS® Formulas: The Creation and Export of Excel Formulas Using SAS


Paper 070-2009:

 Hettinger, Patricia


SCL Is Gone: How Do I Get Variables from My Users into SAS® Enterprise Guide®?


Paper 071-2009:

 Liang, Qingfeng


Choosing the Right Technique to Merge Large Data Sets Efficiently


Paper 072-2009:

 Osborne, Anastasiya M.


Let Me Look At It! Graphic Presentation of Any Numeric Variable.


Paper 073-2009:

 Ceranowski, Elizabeth


SAS® Abbreviations Are Your Friends; Use a Template Method to Code!


Paper 074-2009:

 Landry, Leonard


The Perils of End-of-File Processing When Subsetting Data


Paper 075-2009:

 Weng, Vincent; Feng, Ying


Renaming in Batches


Paper 076-2009:

 Droogendyk, Harry


Which SASAUTOS Macros Are Available to My SAS® Session?


Paper 077-2009:

 Grant, Paul


Creating Code Templates in the SAS Enhanced Editor using Abbreviations and User Defined Keywords


Paper 078-2009:

 Shan, Jingjing


Time Travel: How to Easily Create, Loop Through and Manipulate Data with Names Containing YYYYMM


Paper 079-2009:

 Wong, Eric C.


Playing Favorites: How to Manage Date Conflicts When Some Date Ranges Are Preferred Over Others


Paper 080-2009:

 Burnham, Robert A.


Keeping Up to Date: Using Build Tools with SAS®


Paper 081-2009:

 Brucken, Nancy


One-Step Change from Baseline Calculations


Paper 082-2009:

 Bininger, Chuck


Proper Housekeeping: Developing the Perfect “Maid” to Clean Your SAS® Environment


Paper 083-2009:

 Wei, Xin


Dynamically Allocating Exported Data Sets by the Combination of Pipes and X Statement


Paper 084-2009:

 Hoyle, Larry


Implementing Stack and Queue Data Structures with SAS® Hash Objects


Paper 085-2009:

 Harper, Jennifer S.


Mission Possible: Putting a Table and Multiple Graphs on a Single-Page.pdf with ODS and Basic GOPTIONS


Paper 086-2009:

 Thacher, Clarke


Could You Remind Me? Creating Calendar Events from SAS®


Paper 087-2009:

 Massengill, Darrell; Odom, Ed


PROC GEOCODE: Creating Map Locations from Your Data


Communications, Media, Entertainment and Travel   (Download entire section)

Paper 088-2009:

 Styers, John


Targeting in Three Dimensions


Paper 089-2009:

 Ogden, David C.


Customer Lifetime Value Methodology: A Step-by-Step Approach to Quantifying and Optimizing Economic Returns


Paper 090-2009:

 Crocker, Rett; King, Jay; Phillips, Richard


Demo to Purchase: Using Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis to Improve Downloadable Game Conversion Rates


Paper 091-2009:

 Acebo, Alicia; Dey, Supra


Getting Ready for Harry Potter


Customer Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 276-2009:

 Peterson, Eric


Competing on Web Analytics


Paper 277-2009:

 Brown, Mark; Mouton, Dwight


SAS® Marketing Automation and SAS® Marketing Optimization: Take Your Marketing Campaigns to the Next Level


Paper 278-2009:

 Pruitt, Rex


Using Base SAS® and SAS® Enterprise Miner™ to Develop Customer Retention Modeling Strategies


Paper 279-2009:

 Lawrence, Darryl


You Wanted It When? Case Study of a Successful Installation of SAS® Customer Intelligence 5.1 in Two Weeks


Data Integration   (Download entire section)

Paper 092-2009:

 Stander, Jeff


For Base SAS® Users: Welcome to SAS® Data Integration!


Paper 093-2009:

 Hunley, Eric; Mehler, Gary; Rausch, Nancy


What's New in SAS® Data Integration Studio 4.2


Paper 094-2009:

 Frank, Lisa


At the Controls: An Approach to Security via SAS® Management Console


Paper 095-2009:

 Morton, Steve


Useful by Association: Adding Practical Value by Analyzing SAS® 9 Data Integration Metadata


Paper 096-2009:

 Junk, Soeren


Innovation, Implementation, and Integration: Building a DataWarehouse with SAS® Data Integration Studio and MS SQL Server


Paper 097-2009:

 Muriel, Elena


Exploring the Metadata Family Tree


Paper 098-2009:

 Doninger, Cheryl; Mehler, Gary; Rausch, Nancy


Data Integration in a Grid-Enabled Environment


Paper 099-2009:

 Cai, Jun


How to Leverage Oracle Bulkload for Performance


Paper 100-2009:

 Olinger, Chris; Baker, Stephen


Customizing SAS® Data Integration Studio with Plug-Ins to Turn Off Automap


Paper 101-2009:

 Kiasi, David M.


Using SAS® Data Integration Studio as a Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Tool


Paper 102-2009:

 Collado, Evangeline


Parameter-Driven Data Integration Using SAS® Stored Processes


Paper 103-2009:

 Graas, John; Mitchell, Brian; Petrova, Tatyana; Simmons, Mary; Wilkie, Michelle


Using SAS® OLAP Server for a ROLAP Scenario


Data Mining and Predictive Modeling   (Download entire section)

Paper 104-2009:

 Brobst, Stephen; Kent, Paul


Changing the Game: Technology and Analytics


Paper 105-2009:

 Gann, Russell


BioSense and the Federated Data Environment


Paper 106-2009:

 Cerrito, Patricia


The Problem of Regression Assumptions and the Use of Predictive Modeling


Paper 107-2009:

 Wang, Xiao


Using SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1 to Reduce the Cost of Diabetic Outpatients in Medicare


Paper 108-2009:

 Moskowitz, Howard J.; Rafiee, Dana


Rule Development Experimentation: Determining the Best Marketing Message


Paper 109-2009:

 DeVille, Barry


Discover and Drive Brand Activity in Social Networks


Paper 110-2009:

 Knafl, George J.


A SAS® Macro for Adaptive Regression Modeling


Paper 111-2009:

 Lee, Taiyeong; Duling, David; Latour, Dominique


Predictive Models Based on Reduced Input Space


Paper 112-2009:

 Sarma, Kattamuri


Variable Selection and Transformation of Variables in SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 5.3


Paper 113-2009:

 Liu, Wensui; Cela, Jimmy; Vu, Chuck


Generalizations of Generalized Additive Model (GAM): A Case of Credit Risk Modeling


Paper 114-2009:

 Duling, David; Thompson, Wayne


The Next Generation: SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 6.1


Paper 115-2009:

 Leveille, John; Levin, Wayne J.


Optimizing Product Formulation with JMP® and SAS® Enterprise Miner™


Education   (Download entire section)

Paper 116-2009:

 Schleicher, Andreas


Benchmarking Internationally: The Need Confronts the Reality


Paper 117-2009:

 Chakraborty, Goutam; Petlick, Julie


The Increased Utilization of Analytics and How Academic Programs Are Responding to Job Market Demands by Leveraging Predictive Modeling with SAS® Enterprise Miner™ Certification


Paper 118-2009:

 Yale, Amanda


Using a Portal Environment to Strategically Manage Enrollment: The Integration of People, Relationships, and Information


Paper 119-2009:

 Borden, M. Paige


IR Reporting Portal: One-Stop Shopping for Business Intelligence


Emerging Issues   (Download entire section)

Paper 392-2009:

 Munagala, Subrahmanyam


Solvency II


Paper 393-2009:

 Lowman, Marie


Emerging Markets


Paper 415-2009:

 Hornby, Jonathan


Sustainability the Smart Way


Energy and Utilities   (Download entire section)

Paper 121-2009:

 Rifkin, Jeremy


Leading the Way to the Third Industrial Revolution


Paper 122-2009:

 Hamilton, David ; Carothers, Craig


Quantifying Energy Risk Exposure Using SAS®: Analyzing the Impact of the Weather and the Economy during Volatile Time


Paper 123-2009:

 Crow, Brian; Bolen, Bob


Optimal Data Management for Utility AMI: Smart Grid Data


Paper 124-2009:

 Krawiec, Ellen


Building a Data Repository Using Base SAS®


Paper 125-2009:

 Whittier, Sarah J.


Wholesale Electric Energy Market Analysis with Electronic Quarterly Reports Data


Paper 126-2009:

 van der Westhuizen, Chris


Distribution Interruption Performance Reporting: A Complete Solution


Financial Services   (Download entire section)

Paper 127-2009:

 Chen, Wei


Risk-Based Portfolio Optimization Using SAS®


Paper 128-2009:

 Mens, Janus


Data Warehouse and SOA: Using Web Services in the Insurance Industry


Paper 129-2009:

 Ellingsworth, Marty


Going from Good to Great: The Value of an Analytic Grid Platform at ISO


Paper 130-2009:

 Abrahams, Clark; Zhang, Sunny


A Comprehensive Credit Assessment Framework: Overview and Implications for the Subprime Crisis


Paper 131-2009:

 Miller, Rick


CIBC Case Study: Risk Management and SAS® Tools


Paper 132-2009:

 Ptacnik, Petr


The Path to Profitable Analytics: Via Predictive Analytics to Marketing Automation


Paper 394-2009:

 Gorman, Mark B.


Beyond the Apprentice Model: The Challenge for Business Analytics in Insurance


Paper 395-2009:

 Ling, Daymond


Winning The BI Contest


Foundations and Fundamentals   (Download entire section)

Paper 133-2009:

 Fecht, Marje


THINK Before You Type… Best Practices Learned the Hard Way


Paper 134-2009:

 Jolley, Linda; Stroupe, Jane


Fifty Ways to Lose Your Data (And How to Avoid Them)


Paper 135-2009:

 Tilanus, Erik


ODS 101+


Paper 136-2009:

 First, Steven


Understanding the SAS® DATA Step and The Program Data Vector


Paper 137-2009:

 Gilsen, Bruce


Tales from the Help Desk 3: More Solutions for Common SAS® Mistakes


Paper 138-2009:

 Derby, Nathaniel


A Little Stats Won't Hurt You


Paper 139-2009:

 Plemmons, Howard


SAS/ACCESS® to PC Files Data Access Demystified


Paper 140-2009:

 Theuwissen, Henri


SAS® and Microsoft Excel: Two Extreme Worlds. Learn How SAS Works with Excel Data and How Excel Exploits the Power of SAS


Paper 141-2009:

 Rhoads, Michael


Avoiding Common Traps When Accessing RDBMS Data


Paper 142-2009:

 Kuligowski, Andrew


The Ins and Outs and Ups and Downs of Sorted Data


Paper 143-2009:

 Repole, Warren


Don't Be a SAS® Dinosaur: Modernizing Programs with Base SAS® 9.2 Enhancements


Paper 144-2009:

 Morgan, Derek


The Essentials of SAS® Dates and Times


Paper 145-2009:

 Schreier, Howard


Simple Applications of SQL


Paper 146-2009:

 Westerlund, Earl


SAS/GRAPH® for the Timid


Paper 147-2009:

 Eberhardt, Peter


A Cup of Coffee and PROC FCMP: I Cannot Function without Them


Paper 148-2009:

 Clover, Lina


SAS® Enterprise Guide® for the Business Analyst


Paper 149-2009:

 Fu, I-Kong; Thompson, Wayne; Porter, Mike


Ad Hoc Data Preparation for Analysis Using SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 150-2009:

 Villacorte, Renato


SAS® Fundamentals for Survey Data Processing


Government   (Download entire section)

Paper 396-2009:

 Zenick, Ben


Doing More with Less


Paper 397-2009:

 Hornby, Jonathan


Doing More with Less: SAS® Response


Paper 398-2009:

 Baganz, Janna


The Wisconsin Department of Revenue Case Study Data Warehousing: Finding Efficiencies


Paper 399-2009:

 Johnson, Calvin C.


CSOSA Case Study: Doing More with Less


Paper 401-2009:

 Stultz, John


“Trends in Government Health Information Technology”


Paper 402-2009:

 Gann, Russell


The BioSense - BioSurveillance to Improve Early Event Detection


Paper 416-2009:

 Moreno, Ph.D., Manuel


Using Integrated Data Systems to Maximize Public Resources


Hands-on Workshops   (Download entire section)

Paper 151-2009:

 Lafler, Kirk P.


SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques


Paper 152-2009:

 DelGobbo, Vince


More Tips and Tricks for Creating Multi-Sheet Microsoft Excel Workbooks the Easy Way with SAS®


Paper 153-2009:

 Dorfman, Paul M.; Vyverman, Koen


The SAS® Hash Object in Action


Paper 154-2009:

 Carpenter, Art


Advanced PROC REPORT: Getting Your Tables Connected Using Links—Part II Practicum


Paper 155-2009:

 Waller, Jennifer


How to Use ARRAYs and DO Loops: Do I DO OVER or Do I DO i?


Paper 156-2009:

 Kincheloe, Faron


Get Your Hands Dirty Cleaning Your Data with SAS® Data Quality Server


Paper 157-2009:

 Fecht, Marje; Dhillon, Rupinder


A “SAS® Programmer’s Guide” to SAS® Enterprise Guide®


Paper 158-2009:

 Delwiche, Lora; Slaughter, Susan


Using PROC SGPLOT for Quick High-Quality Graphs


Paper 159-2009:

 Cochran, Ben


A Gentle Introduction to SAS/GRAPH® Software


Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare   (Download entire section)

Paper 160-2009:

 Wilson, Steve


HL7, CDISC, and the FDA—Moving on Down the Path to Data Standards


Paper 161-2009:

 Villiers, Peter


Supporting CDISC Standards in Base SAS® Using the SAS® Clinical Standards Toolkit


Paper 162-2009:

 Minjoe, Sandra


Implementing CDISC When You Already Have Standards: A Case Study


Paper 163-2009:

 Molter, Michael


A SAS® Programmer’s Guide to Generating Define.xml


Paper 164-2009:

 Goldsmith, Jeff


Keynote Presentation, Digital Medicine: The Future of Information Technology in Healthcare


Paper 165-2009:

 Nelson, Gregory


Data Convergence in Life Sciences and Healthcare: Overview and Implications


Paper 166-2009:

 Thompson, Scott C.; Thompson, Stephanie R.


Talking Past Each Other? How to Communicate with Medical Writers When Preparing Clinical Research Manuscripts for Journal Submission


Paper 167-2009:

 Shiralkar, Parag


Clinical SAS® Programming: Analysis and Mitigation of Risk


Paper 168-2009:

 Kilhullen, Michael


Using SAS® Clinical Data Integration Server to Implement and Manage CDISC Standards


Paper 169-2009:

 Doyle, Mary; Liang, Qingfeng; Ciocco, Gretchen; Mesiano, Michele; Wang, Shouqiang


Using SAS® to Build the Managed Care Data Warehouse at Community Care Behavioral Health Organization


Paper 170-2009:

 Groeneveld, Jim


MedDRA Data as SAS® Formats


Paper 171-2009:

 Fleming, Ian; Steffens, Gregory


The Second CDISC Pilot Project: Standards for Integrating Databases


Paper 172-2009:

 Brown, Rachel; Fulton, Jennifer K.


Backpacking Your Way through CDISC: A Budget-Minded Guide to Basic Concepts and Implementation


Paper 173-2009:

 Gupta, Sunil


Practice Makes Perfect: Training and Performing in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Paper 174-2009:

 Schwartz, Susan L.


Clinical Trial Reporting Using SAS/GRAPH® SG Procedures


Planning, Development and Support   (Download entire section)

Paper 175-2009:

 Peters, Amy


What’s New in SAS® Training for SAS® 9.2


Paper 176-2009:

 Axelrod, Elizabeth


Boot Camp for Programmers: Stuff You Need to Know That's Not in the Manual—Best Practices to Help Us Achieve


Paper 177-2009:

 Srinivasan, Shiva; Robinson, Fabian


The Many Hats of the SAS® Administrator


Paper 178-2009:

 Varney, Brian


Realizing Value Quickly from a Newly Installed SAS® Enterprise BI Platform


Paper 179-2009:

 Hall, Angela


Supporting a SAS® Server Architecture


Paper 180-2009:

 Milum, Jenine


Assessing SAS® Skill Level during the Interview Process


Paper 181-2009:

 Mitchell, Rick; Noga, Stephen


Obtaining, Growing, and Retaining Your Professional SAS® Staff: A Panel Discussion


Paper 182-2009:



Panel Discussion:


Posters   (Download entire section)

Paper 183-2009:

 Schneider, Barbara; Schneider, Kristan


A Discussion of Various Possibilities for Data Entry Using SAS®: An Evergreen


Paper 184-2009:

 Anderson, Paul


Automating Your SAS® Jobs


Paper 185-2009:

 Hadden, Louise S.


Behind the Scenes with SAS®: Using Custom Graphics in SAS® Output


Paper 186-2009:

 Cheng, Edmond


Better, Faster, and Cheaper SAS® Software Lifecycle


Paper 187-2009:

 Dickinson, Wendy; Hall, Bruce; Hines, Constance


Bubble, Bubble: Less Toil, No Trouble


Paper 188-2009:

 McQuown, Gary; Zheng, John


Combining Pieces and Parts to Create a Comprehensive Program


Paper 189-2009:

 Musitano Jr., Neal


E-Mail z/OS CICS Exception Reports in Plain Text Format Using DATA _NULL_ and MXG® Software


Paper 190-2009:

 Van Loon, Mollie; Shingler, John


Evolution of the Investigator Satisfaction Ranking Report: The Advantage of Using the PROC REPORT Procedure/ODS Excel versus a CROSSTAB Output or CROSSTAB/ODS Excel


Paper 191-2009:

 Jackson, Kirby; Moneyham, Linda; Tavakoli, Abbas S.


Examining Mediator and Moderator Effect Using Rural-Women HIV Study


Paper 192-2009:

 Watts, Perry


Generate a Customized Axis Scale with Uneven Intervals in SAS® Automatically


Paper 193-2009:

 Patel, Himesh


Graphs in Flash, using Graph Template Language (GTL)


Paper 194-2009:

 Ribble, James L.


Create State and County Plots Easily Using a Set of SAS/GRAPH® Utility Macros


Paper 195-2009:

 Tsang, Rita


Mapping CDISC Metadata Attributes: Using DATA _NULL_ and PROC DATASETS in SAS®


Paper 196-2009:

 Jaffery, Tariq S.; Liu, Shirley X.


Measuring Campaign Performance by Using Cumulative Gain and Lift Chart


Paper 197-2009:

 Franklin, David


Merging Data Eight Different Ways


Paper 198-2009:

 Matange, Sanjay


ODS Graphics Designer


Paper 199-2009:

 Bell, Bethany A.; Owens, Corina M.; Kromrey, Jeffrey; Ferron, John


Parsimony vs. Complexity: A Monte Carlo Investigation of Hierarchical and Cross-Classified Modeling Using SAS® PROC MIXED


Paper 200-2009:

 Huang, Louie


PROC SQL and SAS® Macro: Beyond the Basics


Paper 201-2009:

 Foster, Gary; Goldsmith, Charles; Thabane, Lehana


SAS® Magic Squares


Paper 202-2009:

 Zlupko, Taras


SAS® in Financial Research: Embracing Data


Paper 203-2009:

 Chaurasia, Ashok K.


SAS® Macros Toolkit for Graphical Representation of Complex Data


Paper 204-2009:

 Mohamed, Ismail E.


Simulating Time Series Analysis: Examining the Long-Run Relationships (Cointegration) – Part II


Paper 205-2009:

 Mohamed, Ismail E.


Simulating Time Series Testing: The Augmented Dickey Fuller (ADF) Test – Part I


Paper 206-2009:

 Kushnir, Arkady M.


Source of Nitrogen in Q-BOP Steel (Statistical Analysis)


Paper 208-2009:

 Schiro, Sharon


Testing your SAS® Code against Known Data


Paper 209-2009:

 Franklin, David


Using SAS® System and Dataset Options to Control Your Data


Paper 210-2009:

 Helwig, Chris


Using SAS® to Analyze System Performance Metrics


Paper 211-2009:

 Ribble, James L.


Using SAS/GRAPH®, JavaScript, and ODS to Create Interactive HTML Output


Paper 212-2009:

 Okerson, Barbara


Using SAS® to Explore the Impact of a Care Management Maternity Program


Paper 213-2009:

 Avrunin-Becker, Sharon; Alexander, Marie


Wandering Cross-Reference Lines in PROC GPLOT


Paper 214-2009:

 Choy, Murphy


Why Is SAS® Certification Helpful in Enhancing Your Career as an Analyst and SAS Programmer?


Paper 215-2009:

 Hadden, Louise S.; Zdeb, Mike


Wow! You Did That Map with SAS/GRAPH®?


Reporting and Information Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 216-2009:

 Watts, Perry


Using SAS® Software to Generate Textbook-Style Histograms


Paper 217-2009:

 Li, Shiqun (Stan)


Using SAS® to Create Proportional Venn Diagrams


Paper 218-2009:

 Holland, Philip R.


GTL (Graphics Template Language) in SAS® 9.2


Paper 219-2009:

 Wainwright-Zimmerman, Andrea


SAS® Graphs in Small Multiples


Paper 220-2009:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Show Them What’s Important with Communication-Effective SAS® Graphs: Solutions for a Finite Work Day in an Era of Information Overload


Paper 221-2009:

 Lund, Pete


Make Your Tables Pop: Adding Micrographics to PROC REPORT Output


Paper 222-2009:

 Gebhart, Eric


Inline Formatting with ODS Markup


Paper 223-2009:

 Hadden, Louise S.


Turn the Tables on Boring Reports with SAS® 9.2 and RTF Tagset Options


Paper 224-2009:

 Beardsley, Mark; Kolln, Barbara; Palanca, Ronald; Zhang, Hong


Building Drill-Down Capabilities Dynamically in SAS® Output Using Base SAS®


Paper 225-2009:

 Cascagnette, Paul


Automatic Generation of Titles, Footnotes, and Superscripts for Tables with Macros and PROC REPORT


Paper 226-2009:

 Wei, Xin


A Framework to Customize Frame: Building an Interactive Report Web Portal by ODS


Paper 227-2009:

 Zender, Cynthia


Tiptoe through the Templates


Paper 228-2009:

 Bond, Turner


Power You Didn’t Know You Had: Using PSAX to Create Self-Generating Web Libraries with SAS®


Paper 229-2009:

 Hoyle, Larry


Visualizing Two Social Networks Across Time with SAS®: Collaborators on a Research Grant vs. Those Posting on SAS-L


Paper 230-2009:

 Massengill, Darrell; Phillips, Jeff


Tips and Tricks IV: More SAS/GRAPH® Map Secrets


Paper 231-2009:

 Corliss, David J.


Enhancements to Maps Using the Annotate Data Set


Paper 232-2009:

 Sekar, Devi


Cool Maps with Custom Areas


Paper 233-2009:

 Martell, Carol


Notes from an Intersection: Google Earth @ SAS®


Retail   (Download entire section)

Paper 403-2009:

 Ramsey, Bryan


Welcome to SAS Retail User Group and SAS Global Forum


Paper 404-2009:

 Warmath, Dee


Navigating through Informed Intuition


Paper 405-2009:

 Berman, Rob; Cano, Aaron; Wermerson, Todd


Customer Intelligence Panel


Paper 406-2009:

 Flaks, Richard


Assortment Planning


Paper 407-2009:

 Hunter, Chris; Schafer, Bob; Stewart, Wes


Reporting Panel


Paper 408-2009:

 Schneider, Kevin


Markdown Optimization


Paper 409-2009:

 Kizer, Todd; Wilson, Mike


User Adoption Projects


Paper 410-2009:

 Kommareddi, Shiva; Kumar, Deva


Annual SAS Update to Retail Merchandise Intelligence Users


Paper 411-2009:

 Timme, Dr. Stephen


Building a Better IT Business Case


Paper 412-2009:

 Hunter, Dave




Paper 413-2009:

 Clouse, Amy; Ferguson, Ann; Richie, Kelly


Admin functions in SAS Merchandise Planning and Intelligence


Paper 414-2009:

 Ramsey, Bryan


SAS Retail User Group Discussion


Paper 417-2009:

 Bickford, Tad; Sakowski, Mark


Asked and Answered -- How to Overcome the 10 most common challenges in MI Implementation/Use


SAS Presents   (Download entire section)

Paper 301-2009:

 McNeill, Bill


Test-Driving the Improvements to the INFOMAPS Procedure and LIBNAME Engine


Paper 302-2009:

 Dodson, Lisa; Herbert, Pat


Improving the Trust Factor: What’s Your Reporting IQ?


Paper 303-2009:

 Barkaway, David


Change Data Capture and the Benefits to the Modern Enterprise Data Warehouse


Paper 304-2009:

 Budlong, Adam


The SAS® OLAP Server: Understanding and Solving Common Problem Situations


Paper 305-2009:

 Anderson, Billie; Haller, Susan ; Siddiqi, Naeem


Reject Inference Techniques Implemented in Credit Scoring for SAS® Enterprise Miner™


Paper 306-2009:

 Selukar, Rajesh S.


Structural Analysis of Time Series Using the SAS/ETS® UCM Procedure


Paper 307-2009:

 Prabhu, Sharad; Tobias, Randall; Balan, Tonya


Experimenting Outside the Box: Using SAS/QC® for Modern Applications of Experimental Design


Paper 308-2009:

 Barkaway, David; Stander, Jeff


How SAS® Data Integration and Data Quality Tools Can Be Applied to Solve the Data Migration Paradox


Paper 309-2009:

 Plemmons, Howard


Top Ten SAS® DBMS Performance Boosters for 2009


Paper 310-2009:

 Crevar, Margaret; Brown, Tony


How to Maintain Happy SAS® 9 Users


Paper 311-2009:

 Yuan, Yang C.


Group Sequential Analysis Using the New SEQDESIGN and SEQTEST Procedures


Paper 312-2009:

 Etri, Abdel


The SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® – Controlling the Beast!


Paper 313-2009:

 O'Connor, Daniel


The Power to Show: Ad Hoc Reporting, Custom Invoices, and Form Letters


Paper 314-2009:

 Taylor, Dan; Hayes, Keefe


z/OS SAS® Deployment: This Isn't Your Father's Install Anymore!


Paper 315-2009:

 Kiefer, Manfred


New Language Features in SAS® 9.2 for the Global Enterprise


Paper 316-2009:

 Sglavo, Udo


Statistics and Samples: Judging Time Series Models Automatically


Paper 317-2009:

 Hughes, Ed; Chen, Hong; Lada, Emily; Meanor, Phil


Exploring System Performance with SAS® Simulation Studio


Paper 318-2009:

 Zender, Cynthia


Have It Your Way: Rearrange and Replay Your Output with ODS DOCUMENT


Paper 319-2009:

 Simmons, Mary; Wilkie, Michelle


Best Practice: Optimizing the Cube Build Process in SAS® 9.2


Paper 320-2009:

 Chitale, Anand V.; Hemedinger, Chris


What's New in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.2?


Paper 321-2009:

 Boozer, Forrest; Hatcher, Diane


Using SAS® 9.2 Metadata Security Reporting and Auditing Features


Paper 322-2009:

 Weisz, Jon T.


Exploring JMP® 8 Integration with SAS® 9.2: A Rich Set of Development Tools for the Analytic/Dynamic Report Application Developer


Paper 323-2009:

 Kuhfeld, Warren


Modifying ODS Statistical Graphics Templates in SAS® 9.2


Paper 324-2009:

 Heath, Dan


Secrets of the SG Procedures


Paper 325-2009:

 Park, Heesun; English, Brian


SAS® Business Intelligence Web Application Security Configuration Primer


Paper 326-2009:

 Hatcher, Diane; Choy, Justin


Keeping Things Going with SAS® Reporting: A Look at Various SAS® 9.2 Server Options for Performance Considerations


Paper 327-2009:

 Ihnen, Leigh; Jones, Michael R.


Improving SAS® I/O Throughput by Avoiding the Operating System File Cache


Paper 328-2009:

 Chastain, Scott; Dodson, Lisa; Herbert, Pat


How to Leverage DataFlux® and SAS® for Operational Empowerment


Paper 329-2009:

 Fraley, Jessica; Kalich, Tanya


Metadata Reporting Using the SAS® Configuration Troubleshooter: A Best Practice


Paper 330-2009:

 Flynn, Joe M.


SAS® Stored Processes: Going beyond the Current Capabilities of the Stored Process Wizard


Paper 331-2009:

 Matange, Sanjay


ODS Graphics Designer: Your Tool of Choice for Interactive, Batchable Graphics


Paper 332-2009:

 Fernandez, Alec


The SAS® 9.2 Software Deployment: A Deployment Experience Your Mother Would Love


Paper 333-2009:

 Williams, Michael; Easter, Gretel; Bradsher, Steve


Troubleshoot Your Performance Issues: SAS® Technical Support Shows You How


Paper 334-2009:

 Brown, Tony; Crevar, Margaret


Running SAS® on Windows 32-Bit Systems: Ceilings, Limitations, and Realities


Paper 335-2009:

 Stokes, Maura; Rodriguez, Robert; Balan, Tonya


Methods, Models, and More: New Analyses Available with SAS/STAT® 9.2


Paper 336-2009:

 Jolley, Linda; Stroupe, Jane


Dear Ms. SAS® Answers: A Guide to Efficient PROC SQL Coding


Paper 337-2009:

 Shamlin, David; Duling, David


In-Database Procedures with Teradata: How They Work and What They Buy You


Paper 338-2009:

 Bailey, Jeffrey; Bostic, Pat


Publish SAS® Formats in Your Teradata Server; Impress Your Friends


Paper 339-2009:

 Ray, Robert S.; Thompson, Wayne


SAS® and Teradata: Accelerating the Power to Know


SAS Presents... Global Perspectives   (Download entire section)

Paper 287-2009:

 Goel, Atul


Time Series Prediction Using Neural Networks


Paper 359-2009:

 Pamir, Reyzi D.


Translating DNA of Customers into Business Value through Analytics


Paper 360-2009:

 De Saer, Frank


BI Strategy at the Belgian Federal Government Economy


Paper 361-2009:

 Steinmann, Dieter


BI as a Management Tool to Drive Frankfurt Airport


Paper 362-2009:

 Bruno, Giuseppe


SAS® Enterprise BI Client Components in the Research Area of the Bank of Italy: First Experiences


Paper 363-2009:

 Woo, Won-Suk; Hwang, JA HEE


Setting Up the Marketing Plans for Lotte Department Store


Paper 365-2009:

 Ballanti, Danilo; Settimi, Claudia; Cuminetti, Alessia


ART (Advanced Reporting Tools)


Paper 366-2009:

 Andersson, Mattias; Moberg, Robert


Active Use of Data Mining in the Customer Life Cycle Management Process of a Telecom Operator


Paper 367-2009:

 Tezic, Kerem


Prevention of Work-Related Accidents with Text Mining


Paper 368-2009:

 Lantin, Renato B.


Demand-Planning Statistical Forecasting Tool ECD


Paper 369-2009:

 Zailan bin Shaari, Ahmed; Azmi Omar, Mohd


International Islamic University Malaysia Builds World-Class Reputation with Help from SAS


Paper 370-2009:

 Ahola, Kalle


Is There a Shortcut to Business Intelligence? Case Tapiola Group


Paper 371-2009:

 Utkueri, Hasan O.


Puzzle Completed by Eureko Sigorta


SAS Presents... IT Management   (Download entire section)

Paper 372-2009:

 Lapierre, Yves


Transitioning to a Business Analytics Environment


Paper 373-2009:

 Collins, Keith; Robinson, Anne; Williams, Eric


Panel Discussion: How to Roll Out a Powerful, Effective Business Analytics Framework


Paper 374-2009:

 Russell, Allan


The Five Faces of Business Intelligence


SAS Presents... JMP   (Download entire section)

Paper 281-2009:

 Biltgen, Patrick T.


Filtered Monte Carlo Simulation for Inverse Design Using JMP 8


Paper 282-2009:

 Meintrup, David


Confidence Information of ROC Curves, AUC, and Partial AUC with JMP®


Paper 283-2009:

 von Borries, George


SAS® and JMP® Integration for Implementing a Clustering Algorithm for High Dimension Low Sample Size Data


Paper 284-2009:

 Figard, Steve


The Basics of Experimental Design for Multivariate Analysis


Paper 285-2009:

 Wingate, Vincent; Regan, Jeff; Dickey, Lynn


Use of DOE to Determine the Critical Parameters and Design Space for Production of Biotherapeutic Proteins


Paper 286-2009:

 Chu, Tzu-Ming; Doninger, Cheryl; Horton, Glenn; Martin, Stan; Tan, Pei-Yi; Wolfinger, Russ


Cross Validation and Learning Curve Model Comparison with JMP® Genomics and Grid Computing


SAS Presents... Solutions   (Download entire section)

Paper 340-2009:

 Edds, Tom; Statt, Ron


Using SAS® OnDemand for Academics to Meet Changing Student Needs, Reduce Software Access Barriers, and Grow SAS® Skills


Paper 341-2009:

 Henderson, Greg; Zilka, Joe


The Platform for SAS® Business Analytics as a Centrally Managed Service


Paper 342-2009:

 McGuire, Kelly A.; Pinchuk, Steve


The Future of Revenue Management


Paper 343-2009:

 Renison, Keith


Carbon Footprint Modeling with SAS® for Sustainability Management: Beyond Calculation


Paper 344-2009:

 Adkins, Tony


SAS® Profitability Management and SAS® Activity-Based Management: What's All the Buzz about?


Paper 345-2009:

 Foley, Richard; Kent, Paul


The XML Super Hero: An Advanced Understanding of Manipulating XML with SAS®


Paper 346-2009:

 Lieble, Frank


SAS® IT Intelligence for VMware: Resource Optimization and Cost Recovery


Paper 347-2009:

 Fisher, Karl; Thacher, Clarke


Virtualization: What Does It Mean for SAS®?


Paper 348-2009:

 Weller, Kimberly R.


Mainstreaming Web Data with SAS® Web Analytics


Paper 349-2009:

 Lever, Brent


Adaptive Contact Planning


Paper 350-2009:

 Bober, Andy; Tsuboi, Toshi


Event-Driven Marketing Using SAS® Customer Intelligence


Paper 351-2009:

 Mayes, Manya; Pawlak, Michael J.; Eddlestone, Mary-Elizabeth


Know Your Customer, the Last, True Bastion in an Economic Downturn


Paper 352-2009:

 Georges, Jim; Arangala, Sanjay; Jung, Jin-Whan; King, Jay; Brocklebank, John


Fraud Detection in Social Services Data Using SAS®


Paper 353-2009:

 Shipway, John A.; Wolff, Mark


Intelligently Targeting Physicians Using SAS® Enterprise Miner™


Paper 354-2009:

 Wilson, Kim M.


If I Only Had a Map. Getting from Here to There: Common Approaches to Solving Data Step Logic Issues


Paper 355-2009:

 Hatcher, Diane; Hsueh, LanChien


Dynamic Prompts Make Data Cascading Easy: Introducing New Features in SAS® 9.2 Prompt Framework


Paper 356-2009:

 Hays, Martha


SAS® Tile Charts: Thousands of Business Tips with One Click


Paper 357-2009:

 Roche, Emmanuel


Sentiment Analysis in Context


Paper 358-2009:

 Schabes, Yves


Web Crawling and Search as a First Step to Textual Data Gathering


SAS Presents...Operations Research   (Download entire section)

Paper 297-2009:

 Oliveira, Ivan; Dulaney, Charles; Pratt, Rob


Using the SAS/OR® OPTMODEL Procedure to Assign Students to Schools in the Wake County Public Schools System


Paper 298-2009:

 Archer, Sandra; Armacost, Robert; Pet-Armacost, Julia


Implementing a Repair Heuristic for Unplanned Work in Resource Constrained Project Schedules Using Base SAS® and SAS® PROC CPM


Paper 299-2009:

 Bhattacharya, Patralekha


Optimizing the Marketing Mix


Paper 300-2009:

 Hughes, Ed; Kearney, Trevor


New Features in Optimization with SAS/OR®


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence   (Download entire section)

Paper 375-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 376-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 377-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


Paper 378-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization   (Download entire section)

Paper 381-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


Paper 382-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


Paper 383-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Business Visualization


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration   (Download entire section)

Paper 379-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Paper 380-2009:

 Richardson, Kari; Rossland, Eric


SAS® Workshop: SAS® Data Integration


Statistics and Data Analysis   (Download entire section)

Paper 234-2009:

 Milliken, George A.


Designing Experiments for the Process


Paper 235-2009:

 Dickey, David


Stationarity Testing in High-Frequency Seasonal Time Series


Paper 236-2009:

 Liu, Lea; Forman, Sandy A.; Barton, Bruce A.


Fitting Cox Model Using PROC PHREG and Beyond in SAS®


Paper 237-2009:

 Gharibvand, Lida; Liu, Lei


Analysis of Survival Data with Clustered Events


Paper 238-2009:

 Milhřj, Anders


An Analysis of Market Shares on the Danish Alcohol Market Using Unobserved Components


Paper 240-2009:

 Barhdadi, Amina; Feroz Zada, Yassamin; Dube, Marie-Pierre


Beyond SAS/Genetics™


Paper 241-2009:

 Priest, Elisa L.; Adams, Brian; Fischbach, Lori A.


Easier Exploratory Analysis for Epidemiology: A Grad Student “How-To” Paper


Paper 242-2009:

 Cunningham, Michael


More than Just the Kappa Coefficient: A Program to Fully Characterize Inter-Rater Reliability between Two Raters


Paper 243-2009:

 Chvosta, Jan; Little, Mark


Model Fitting and Data Analyses in SAS/ETS® Software Using ODS Statistical Graphics


Paper 244-2009:

 Leslie, R. Scott


Image Is Almost Everything: Displaying Statistics via ODS


Paper 245-2009:

 Kim, Hanjoo; Shults, Justine


%QLS SAS® Macro: A SAS Macro for Analysis of Longitudinal Data Using Quasi-Least Squares


Paper 246-2009:

 Berglund, Pat


Getting the Most Out of the SAS® Survey Procedures: Repeated Replication Methods, Subpopulation Analysis, and Missing Data Options in SAS® 9.2


Paper 247-2009:

 Izrael, David; Battaglia, Michael; Frankel, Martin


Extreme Survey Weight Adjustment as a Component of Sample Balancing (a.k.a. Raking)


Paper 248-2009:

 Pasta, David


Learning When to Be Discrete: Continuous vs. Categorical Predictors


Paper 249-2009:

 Liu, Wensui; Vu, Chuck; Kharidhi, Sandeep


A Class of Predictive Models for Multilevel Risks


Paper 250-2009:

 Chou, Nan-Ting; Steenhard, David


A Flexible Count Data Regression Model Using SAS® PROC NLMIXED


Paper 251-2009:

 Tan, Teck Kiang; Kang, Trivina; Hogan, David


Using GEE to Model Student's Satisfaction: A SAS® Macro Approach


Paper 252-2009:

 Fang, Jiming; Austin, Peter C.; Tu, Jack V.


Test Linearity between Continuous Confounder and Binary Outcome First, Run Multivariate Regression Analysis Second


Paper 253-2009:

 Seffrin, Robert


Interactive Outlier Review and Regression Analysis in SAS® Stat Studio


Paper 254-2009:

 Ramirez, Jose G.; Weisz, Jon T.


Designing Multi-Step Fractional Factorial Split-Plots: A Combined JMP® and SAS® User Application


Paper 255-2009:

 Sall, John


Choice Experiments for Market Research and Other Features in JMP® 8


Paper 256-2009:

 Wang, Tianlin


All the Cows in Canada: Massive Mixed Modeling with the HPMIXED Procedure in SAS® 9.2


Paper 257-2009:

 Chen, Fang


Bayesian Modeling Using the MCMC Procedure


Paper 258-2009:

 Douglass, Larry


Comparison of Features and Applications of Four Linear Models Procedures


Paper 259-2009:

 Cohen, Robert


Applications of the GLMSELECT Procedure for Megamodel Selection


Systems Architecture   (Download entire section)

Paper 260-2009:

 Skanderson, Melissa; Wang, Xiaoqiang


Automate Dummy Variable Created from Large Longitudinal RDBMS Tables


Paper 261-2009:

 Walters, Tim


SAS® as SaaS: The Benefits and Challenges of Implementing an Enterprise-Scale SAS Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Shared Service


Paper 262-2009:

 Rafiee, Dana


High-Performance Grid and Cluster Computing Industry Trends


Paper 263-2009:

 Kros, Don


Very Large Dataset Performance as Measured Across Multiple SAS 9.1.3 Data Storage Options.


Paper 264-2009:

 Abolafia, Jeffrey; Decker, Chris; DiIorio, Frank; Steffens, Gregory; Truong, Sy


The Use of Electronic Metadata: Panel Discussion


Paper 265-2009:

 Andersen, Truls; Langseth, Frode; Bhaiji, Shiraz A.; Nyflřt, Stein


Min Logistikk: Using SAS® BI Web Services in a Service-Oriented Architecture at Norway Post Delivering Information Securely to Customers on the Extranet


Paper 266-2009:

 Forst, Fred; Standefer, John


Retirement of Legacy Clinical Systems and Moving to SAS® Drug Development, Much More than Just Moving the Data


Paper 267-2009:

 Hatcher, Diane; McNeill, Sandy


Getting from SAS® 9.1.3 to SAS® 9.2: Migration Tools or Promotion Tools


Paper 268-2009:

 Finnestad, Stein Arve; Karlsen, Gisle; Lekve, Rune; Navestad, Pĺl; Strřmstad, Terje; Tednes, Odd Jarle


The Interactive Data Warehouse: Introducing Transactional Data Marts and “Smart Applications” to Interact with Data Warehouse Data


Paper 269-2009:

 Hatfield, Phil


ISO's Evolution to BI on the Grid: A Customer Perspective


Paper 270-2009:

 Eayrs, Nicholas; Kalich, Tanya; Lester, Graham; Rogers, Stuart


Maximizing the Performance of Your SAS® Solution: Case Studies in Web Application Server Tuning for n-tier SAS Applications


Paper 271-2009:

 O'Donoghue, Steven J.; Ratcliffe, Andrew


Configuration Management for SAS® Software Projects


Paper 272-2009:

 Benjamin Jr, William E.


You Use SAS®, Your Boss Uses Excel. Guess Where Your Results Are Going to Appear! Using ODS to Create Your Results in Excel


Paper 273-2009:

 Karp, Andrew


Traffic-Lighting Your Reports the Easy Way with ODS and PROC REPORT


Paper 274-2009:

 Bessler, LeRoy


Using SAS® to Manage, Monitor, and Control the SAS® BI Server: User-Developed Custom Tools for the SAS® Server Administrator, User, or Manager


Paper 275-2009:

 Truong, Sy


Cloud Computing with SAS®: Software Is Going through a Fundamental Shift from Shrink-Wrapped in a Box to the Cloud