What is a shared folder?

When you run the SAS University Edition vApp in VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Player, VMware Fusion, or VMware Player, you need to create a shared folder to contain the following content:

  • any preferences or settings that you specify in SAS Studio
  • any data and results that you want to access from the SAS University Edition vApp and your local computer

Before you start working in the SAS University Edition, you should create a shared folder called myfolders. (The steps for creating this shared folder depend on your virtualization software. See the links in the Additional Topics section.)

The content in a shared folder persists between sessions and is preserved when the SAS University Edition vApp is updated. In SAS Studio (which is the user interface for SAS University Edition), the myfolders shared folder is available as Folders > My Folders.

To access this shared folder from a SAS program, use /folders/myfolders. This is the logical location for the shared folder in the SAS University Edition. The physical location of this shared folder depends on your operating environment. For example, in Windows operating environments, this physical path could be C:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders.

You can use the SAS University Edition without creating the myfolders shared folder. However, any content that you save might be lost when the SAS University Edition vApp is updated. In addition, a warning message appears on the SAS University Edition Information Center.

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