How do I use SAS Studio?

When you run the SAS University Edition and open SAS Studio, the main SAS Studio window appears.

The main window of SAS Studio consists of a navigation pane on the left and a work area on the right. The navigation pane provides access to files on your server and your folder shortcuts, your tasks and code snippets, the libraries that you have access to, and your file shortcuts. The Server Files and Folders section is displayed by default.

The work area is used to display your data, code, logs, and results. When you first open SAS Studio, the work area displays a new program window. When you open data and run tasks, other windows open in the work area with a tabbed interface.

There are several ways that you can get help with your work in SAS Studio. Pop-up help is available for some options in the application, which you can access by clicking  next to the option. Comprehensive help for SAS Studio is available by clicking  above the work area and selecting SAS Studio Help.

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