How do I stop SAS University Edition on Amazon Web Services Marketplace?

When you exit Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, your instance of SAS University Edition continues running. You must terminate the software to avoid usage charges. (You could still incur a storage charge if your instance is stopped but not terminated.) When you terminate an instance, everything is deleted. No uploaded data persists.

  1. Open the AWS Management Console:
    • Open the EC2 Dashboard.
    • Under the Resources heading, click Running Instances.

      The AWS Management Console appears and lists any instances of SAS University Edition that are associated with your account. This example shows three instances of SAS University Edition. Only one instance is currently running.
  2. From the table, select the instance of SAS University Edition, and then select Actions > Instance State.
    • Select Stop to save the current instance and stop it from running. When prompted, click Yes, Stop.
    • Select Terminate to delete the instance. Any data that you have uploaded is deleted. When prompted, click Yes, Terminate. After the SAS University Edition instance is terminated, it no longer appears in your list of software subscriptions.

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