How do I run SAS University Edition on Amazon Web Services Marketplace?

To run SAS University Edition on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, you need to create an AWS account. SAS University Edition is eligible for the AWS Free Tier, which is available to new users of Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

  1. Open the SAS University Edition page in the AWS Marketplace. Review the product information and click Continue.
  2. If you haven't already, sign in to your AWS Marketplace account. If you are new to AWS, see Getting Started Resource Center for information about how to create an account.
    When you create an account, you must provide credit card information to cover any AWS usage and storage charges.

  3. To add an instance of SAS University Edition to your account, use the Launch on EC2: SAS University Edition page. This page lists all of the available instance types for SAS University Edition. The instance type specifies the combination of CPU, memory, storage, and networking capacity you are using.
    • On the Launch on EC2 page, click the 1-Click Launch tab.
    • Accept the default value of t2.micro, which qualifies for the free tier. (If you select a different instance, you might incur AWS charges.)
    • Create a key pair, if you have not already.
    • Click Launch with 1-click.

    A confirmation page notifies you that an instance of SAS University Edition is being launched. To open SAS University Edition, you first need to open the AWS Management Console.

  4. Under the Related Links heading on the confirmation page, click AWS Management Console.

    The AWS Management Console appears and lists any instances of SAS University Edition that are associated with your account. This examples shows three instances of SAS University Edition. Only one instance is currently running.

  5. To start SAS University Edition:
    • From the table, select a running instance of SAS University Edition.
      If the value of the Status Checks column is initializing, wait until this initializatio nis complete before continuing.
    • From the Description tab, copy the public DNS and paste it in the address bar of a new browser window. In this example, the public DNS is
    • When prompted, enter sasdemo as the user name. For the password, copy and paste the instance ID from the Description tab. In the example, the instance ID is i-019c0e6556fdccb4c.
    • Click OK.
    • When the SAS University Edition Information Center opens, click Start SAS Studio.

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