SAS® Natural Language Studio

Create and configure conversational bots to help users with their tasks. Each bot is an autonomous program that can interact with users and respond to questions or provide information for a given topic area. SAS Natural Language Studio in SAS® Viya® uses natural language processing along with a collection of intents, utterances, entities and dialogues to process data and provide information to a user. A bot user does not have to present their questions in a special format, but can simply ask questions naturally the way they would pose them to a human.

SAS Natural Language Studio is released continuously.

Key features give you the ability to:

  • Create bots.
  • Create and configure intents, utterances, entities and dialogues to recognize a user's question or statement and provide relevant information.
  • Create and configure small talk to add polite conversation that can be useful in a chat.
  • Create templates to test the formatting of a response to a bot user's question, and store code.
  • Review the conversations (or sessions) that have taken place between a bot and a user.
  • Use connectors to connect to additional software resources, such as those provided by LivePerson.
  • Use 14 different types of nodes in a dialogue flow to direct a bot how to react to various types of user input or conversational situations.

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SAS Natural Language Studio

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