Designed for dynamic data visualization and analytics on the desktop, JMP enables data access and processing; statistical analysis; design of experiments; multivariate analysis; quality and reliability analysis; scripting; graphing and charting. It helps you see and explore data, spot relationships and trends, and dig into areas of interest.

JMP® Live helps you share JMP analyses in an online space designed for interactive collaboration in your organization.

JMP® Pro is the advanced analytics version of JMP, providing all the tools for visual data access and manipulation, interactivity, comprehensive analyses, and extensibility found in JMP.

JMP® Clinical shortens the drug development process by streamlining safety reviews during clinical trials. It links advanced statistics and graphics, creates reports from CDISC data, and helps reviewers migrate into the modern review environment.

JMP® Genomics is a statistical discovery software package for researchers that enables statistical geneticists, biologists, bioinformatics experts, and statisticians to uncover meaningful patterns in high-throughput genetics, expression microarray, and proteomics data.

The most recent releases are:

JMP 15 and JMP Pro 15

JMP Live 15.0

JMP Clinical 7.0

JMP Genomics 9.0

What’s New

  • JMP 15
    • New column header graphs display histograms above each column.
    • Import wizard allows import and processing of XML, JSON and PDF file formats.
    • Graphlets display a graph created by a JMP platform inside a JMP hover label.
    • Graph Builder enhancements including new customization options to enhance Heatmap and Box Plot graphs.
  • JMP Pro 15
    • Functional Data Explorer has workflow improvements to bypass intermediate table creation, reshaping and joins.
    • Structural Equation Modeling, a flexible new predictive modeling platform, allows you to model relationships among both observed and unobserved (latent) variables.
    • Custom Designer provides modeling scripts for Generalized Regression and Fit Mixed.
  • JMP Clinical 7.0
    • Oncology-specific views for clinical data scientists and medical doctors.
    • Tables in adverse event narratives for medical writers.
    • More metadata management of CDISC data.
    • Patient Profiles are more configurable, with ordering and sorting.
    • Enhancements for Data Integrity reports, including multivariate inliers and outliers.

  • JMP Genomics
    • Ability to impute missing genotypes and estimate genomic heritability. 
    • Enhancements to the Cross Evaluation and Progeny Simulation tools for genomic selection.

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