SAS® Enterprise BI Server and SAS® BI Server

Integrate SAS analytics, role-based interfaces and Microsoft Office to improve business intelligence deployment. SAS Enterprise BI Server and SAS BI Server each comprise a suite of products and serves as a platform for many SAS solutions.

The most recent release is SAS Enterprise BI Server 4.4.

What’s New

The following features were included in this release:

  • SAS Environment Manager administrative interface that includes automatic resource discovery, monitoring of remote systems, personal and role-based dashboards, alerting and visualization.  
  • SAS Web Server for use as an HTTP server and SAS Web Application Server, so a third-party web application server is no longer needed. SAS Web Application Server is a lightweight server that provides enterprise-class features for running SAS web applications. 
  • Metadata server clustering that provides redundancy and high availability of the metadata server, which is a core component of the SAS infrastructure. Clustering ensures the server will continue to operate if a server host machine fails.
  • Deployment backup and recovery tool that provides an integrated method for backing up and recovering SAS content across multiple tiers and machines.
  • Mobile reporting that allows users to view some SAS Web Report Studio relational reports on mobile devices with SAS Mobile BI.
  • Security enhancements enabling you to use either SAS Management Console or the AUTHLIB procedure to bind SAS data to metadata. All access from SAS to metadata-bound data is subject to metadata-layer permissions.
  • Batch tools provided for metadata management tasks such as listing selected objects, deleting selected objects, creating new folders and managing metadata access. Batch tools are also provided for administrative tasks such as backing up the metadata server, creating and deleting metadata repositories and updating metadata profiles.

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SAS Enterprise BI Server and SAS BI Server are software offerings that each comprise a suite of products. These offerings serve as a platform for many SAS solutions, such as SAS Financial Management

The following products are commonly used with these and similar SAS software offerings:

*These products are available only in the SAS Enterprise BI Server offering.

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