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Do you Hadoop? SAS Data Loader for Hadoop helps business users and data scientists to access, profile and prepare data without writing code or burdening IT. Spend less time prepping data and more time generating insights. These resources are a great place to start.

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In only 60 seconds, get the highlights of how SAS Data Loader for Hadoop can help empower business users, cleanse data, and bridge the Hadoop skills gap.

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Browse our library of free SAS Data Loader for Hadoop tutorials. Learn something new. Sharpen your skills.

See how SAS Data Loader for Hadoop helps business users access, prepare, and cleanse data through an intuitive user interface that requires no coding.

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Directives are discrete tasks that are used to move, cleanse, or filter data. But, what if you’d like to run multiple directives at a time or chain them together? Learn how to reuse, share, and chain multiple directives together in this feature slideshow.

Execute Multiple Directives


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