Using SAS® in Financial Research Reviews

"I really enjoyed this book, it is written assuming very little of you. Everything is thoroughly explained and easy to follow. The examples are well chosen and teach the subject well."

Andrea Wainwright
PhilaSUG Executive Committee Member

"This book is for knowledgeable researchers, graduate students and financial practitioners.

It was refreshing to find that the authors provide a summary of each topic that explains in simple to understand language both the output from the various SAS PROCs used and the statistical interpretation with respect to the hypothesis being tested. In addition, the actual SAS code is listed, highlighted and illustrated in a way that makes it easy for people to start using SAS quickly and easily to do their financial and statistical analysis.

As a working mathematician and statistician who has no formal education and limited experience in economics or the stock market, I found the book enlightening about some of the inner philosophies of economics and stock market trading practices. And for those people who are involved in such areas and who have to perform financial research, I highly recommend this book as a valuable asset to their financial tools. I especially recommend it to those people who are in the early stages of their careers, during which statistical analysis using computer software is often required."

Charles Patridge
The Hartford

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