Strategic Analytics and SAS: Using Aggregate Data to Drive Organizational Initiatives

"While many books discuss individual level data analysis, there are few that handle aggregated data analysis which drive an organization's strategy. Randy Collica in this book has laid out a clear path of how to handle aggregated data analysis and how to take results from those analyses for developing strategic initiatives. This is a must-read for any analyst who wants to progress from building models to influencing company's strategic initiatives."

Goutam Chakraborty, PhD
Professor and Director of MS in Business Analytics
Oklahoma State University
Coauthor of Text Mining and Analysis: Practical Methods, Examples, and Case Studies Using SAS®

"Strategic Analytics and SAS®: Using Aggregate Data to Drive Organizational Initiatives takes a unique strategic perspective on leveraging analytics for competitive advantage. Building upon the author's extensive experience, the book centers around practical use cases such as loyalty management, revenue risk, and healthcare.

"I can highly recommend it to anyone interested in understanding how analytics can be used as a key strategic enabler to streamline your business process and explore new opportunities."

Bart Baesens, Professor of Big Data & Analytics
KU Leuven

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