SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition Reviews

SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition

"Using SAS macros can provide functionality as well as flexibility within code. Reading Michele Burlew's book, SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition, helps eliminate the 'fear factor' often associated with using macros, while offering valuable insight to programmers with a broad range of experience.

This book appeals to the less experienced SAS programmer by explaining how a macro works in an easy-to-understand way and offers insight on various programming techniques. Michele compares the use of the macro procedure to using an office assistant to perform repetitive tasks in a way that most can relate to. Experienced programmers will also find this second edition of SAS Macro Programming Made Easy a useful tool in better understanding the mechanics associated with macros. This book was easy to follow and provides an excellent reference for macro programmers. "

Suson Vonlehmden
Supervisor, System Analysis & Programming
Research Computing Division RTI International

"This second edition updates the classic macro book with SAS®9 features and new sections, making this excellent reference to the SAS macro language even better. Michele's friendly style is especially good for programmers who might be fearful of macro programming (like me!).

This book is filled with examples showing how to store and reuse macro programs, build a library of routines, debug macro programs, and a stepwise method for writing macro code.

The discussion of the autocall and compiled macro facilities is very well done. In this section, Michele gives examples of both of these facilities, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each. As an added value, you may want to include the macros she presents in your own macro library.

Michele Burlew has added new material and brought her already excellent first edition up to date. This is a book that anyone who uses the macro facility needs to have in their collection. "

Dr. Ron Cody
Professor (retired)
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

"We all want a 'SAS programming assistant' to help us complete our jobs more quickly. In her book SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition, Michele Burlew encourages us to take advantage of the SAS Macro Facility as our 'SAS programming assistant.' She demonstrates how macros can handle many of the SAS programming tasks that you presently spend a lot of time on.

The Macro 'newbie' will learn well from the logical progression of topics and the in-depth coverage of concepts. Both beginner and intermediate macro programmers will benefit from the behind-the-scenes explanations of how macro programs process, the debugging tools and tips (because unexpected results do happen), and the stepwise macro development method, which is a wonderful approach to maintain your sanity when writing macros.
Whether you read this book sequentially or jump right to topics you need to know, you will find this book to be a valuable resource. "

Marje Fecht
Senior Partner
Prowerk Consulting

"Whether you are new to macro programming or at an intermediate level, this second edition of a first-time favorite, with its abundance of examples and helpful explanations, will show you how to shorten code, minimize repetitive tasks, and give you the tools to potentially make your programs dynamic in scope. "

Robert Francis, Ph.D.
Contractor, NOVA Research Company

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