SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples, Second Edition Reviews

SAS Guide to Report Writing: Examples, Second Edition

"Even though I have used SAS for many years, Michele explains some features I didn't know about or hadn't really tried out before. For instance, I hadn't realized that PROC REPORT had a COMPUTE BLOCK capability or that you could include images with PROC TABULATE and PROC REPORT. The book incorporates some very useful macros and functions that the average SAS user might not be aware of for easily customizing a report.

I found this book very user-friendly. Each chapter leads you from a simple example to more detailed examples. Each featured option is explained clearly. It's as though Michele were sitting next to you, patiently explaining what the procedure does or doesn't do. She even points out similar procedures and explains why you might choose one over another."

Sue Hakomaki
Academic & Distributed Computing Services Office of Information Technology
University of Minnesota

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