Book Reviews: Risk Modeling: Practical Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

This book is highly accessible and directed at practitioners interested in the application of AI and ML in the financial services industry. I first met Terisa over twenty years ago and have marveled at her growth in the analytics space and ability to communicate regarding complex topics.

Raymond Anderson
Rayan Risk Analytics

This comprehensive text answers all the critical questions bankers have been asking around using AI and ML for risk modeling for years. It should be part of every risk modeler’s library.

Naeem Siddiqi
Senior Risk Advisor
SAS Institute

An ideal read for managers or senior managers in any financial institution. Roberts and Tonna’s writing is clear, direct, accurate, and uses exactly the right level of technicality to get to each point.

Alan Forrest
Advisory Senior Manager
Model Risk Oversight

Machine Learning is disrupting the world of model and data governance. Roberts and Tonna succinctly describe how forward-looking organizations will pragmatically use these approaches to responsibly drive profits and gain a competitive advantage.

David Asermely
Global Lead
Model Risk Management