Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook Reviews

Reading External Data Files Using SAS: Examples Handbook

"Every programmer and analyst is at some point faced with the daunting task of reading data in an unfamiliar format. The author has clearly had experience with different platforms, file structures, and data formats, and shares her expertise with her readers."

Marge Scerbo
University of Hawaii ITS

"The title says it all. The examples in this handbook will assist beginning and intermediate SAS programmers create SAS data sets that accurately represent the raw data file(s) whether simple or complex."

Karol Katz, M.S.
Yale University School of Medicine

"The beginning SAS programmer will get a solid understanding of the numerous data structures that SAS can read. The seasoned SAS programmer will find the book an excellent reference and a time saver. If you like to learn by following examples, we highly recommend this book."

Ginger Carey
University of Hawaii ITS

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