Implementing CDISC Using SAS: An End-to-End Guide, Revised Second Edition

Implementing CDISC Using SAS® is an excellent overview of the current state of play in the work to standardize clinical trials data. The book’s second edition, published in 2016, has now been updated. Nevertheless, the authors point out that this activity remains a work in progress. The book is not the “last word”, but it is a well-researched and clear explanation of contemporary CDISC characteristics and requirements. It will be of considerable help to people who are just getting started in the nitty gritty of clinical data conversions.

The book spends a large amount of time discussing the work involved to convert non-standard data to CDISC standards. Quite often, this isn’t easy and the authors’ conversion experience has taught them a lot. They do a good job explaining in considerable detail what’s involved in efforts to standardize data by creating metadata, for example. This shows the practical utility of the book. Since CDISC is firmly in the saddle, the book helps people learn how to ride.

Implementing CDISC Using SAS®: An End-to-End Guide, Revised Second Edition meets its objectives with intelligence and offers readers very useful technical suggestions and examples. The authors have invented many practical SAS programming techniques and have explained them clearly. It’s a very useful book. Imaginative clinical programming is alive and well at least in the CDISC orchestra.  

Jim Sattler, President
Satmari Software Systems, Inc

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