Annotate: Simply the Basics Reviews

"Art has written several excellent books for SAS Press, and Annotate: Simply the Basics is no exception. Unlike many of the other books this is a short monograph on a narrow topic. As Art states in his preface, this is not meant as a reference manual, but rather it's a way to take simple steps toward mastering the Annotate facility by following lots of small examples. It is geared to a user with a working knowledge of the basics of SAS/GRAPH software and the DATA step, but unfamiliar with the structure and usage of the Annotate facility. I found the linear set of numerous examples to be well laid out and an excellent learning experience. I feel this book has mastered its objectives. Not only do the examples contain complete SAS source, but SAS OnLine Samples enables you to download the source using any one of three facilities: Anonymous FTP, SASDOC-L, or the World Wide Web. I highly recommended this book for someone trying to come to grips with SAS Annotate basics."

Bob Schechter
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals

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