Robert A. Rutledge
Principal Engineer, Sun Microsystems

Robert A. Rutledge, PhD, Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems, has been a SAS user since 1997. At Sun, he created and maintains an automated system based on SAS for monitoring the field reliability of Sun products. The automated system has become the standard for field reliability reporting within the company. The winner of the "Best Contributed Paper" at SAS Users Group International (SUGI) in 1999, Rutledge was previously employed at IBM. He received his PhD in mathematical statistics from Columbia University in 1970.

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Just Enough SAS®: A Quick-Start Guide to SAS® for Engineers

Just Enough SAS®: A Quick-Start Guide to SAS® for Engineers

By Robert A. Rutledge

*This book is out of print.

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Book Excerpt
As a stand-alone document in its own right, this excerpt titled Analyzing Quality Data with SAS illustrates some of the SAS procedures that can be used in support of the three phases of statistical quality improvement, with particular emphasis on the use of PROC SHEWHART and PROC CAPABILITY to support the implementation of statistical process control.

SAS Conference Papers
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2009-2010 Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter: Technical Publications Competition

Award of Excellence - Books
Just Enough SAS: A Quick-Start Guide to SAS for Engineers

"Consistently meets high standards in all areas. The entry clearly demonstrates an exceptional understanding of technical communication principles."

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