Joseph M. Woodside

Jesse Pratt

Jesse Pratt is a research database programmer for the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

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Advanced Data Visualization Techniques Using SAS

Advanced Data Visualization Techniques Using SAS®

By Jesse Pratt 

Anticipated publication date: Fourth quarter 2018

This book focuses on best graphing practices, customization, and interactivity. The first chapter goes into detail about best practices when designing and creating a data display, and these are reiterated throughout subsequent chapters. So often there are specific requirements that a graph needs, such as customizing legends, user-defined markers for scatterplots, graph sizes and DPI, annotations, just to name a few. This book details such customizations. Interactivity plays a large part in increasing the effectiveness and engagement of a graph. A chapter on animation will, in explicit detail, show how to create dynamic data displays and give tips on how to design them. The addition of HTML to SAS graphics opens up a whole new world to interactivity, such as zooming in on graphs and creating interactive dashboards that can be published to a website. Just to use an example from the healthcare industry, while static graphs are still (and will remain) a necessity for investigators, there is an increasing demand for active displays that can be used by providers in preparation for, and even during, clinic visits. Building an interactive dashboard and being able to post it to a website like SharePoint, for example, would give these clinicians real time access to these displays.

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