I-Sah Hsieh
International Development Advisor, SAS Institute

I-Sah Hsieh is an advisor to the international development community where he uses advanced analytics and innovative technologies to improve responses to disasters and other global challenges. I-Sah has also implemented transformational technologies across highly regulated industries like health care, defense, and telecommunications. He holds an engineering degree from Cornell University.

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Exploring Big Data with SAS® Visual Analytics: Visualizing Trade Data

By I-Sah Hsieh and Alice Louise Kassens

Available Third Quarter 2019

SAS has teamed up with the UN Statistics Division to offer SAS Visual Analytics for UN Comtrade, providing real-time insights and analytics on trade and commodity data from more than 200 countries spanning 27 years. For the first time ever, massive volumes of trade data are available worldwide to anyone – policy makers, business leaders, researchers, educators and the general public – in an easy-to-explore format.

This book will introduce the SAS/UN Comtrade platform to show how Big Data is helping people find better answers, ask new questions that were not previously possible, and getting answers in real-time. It will provide case studies on a variety of groups and describe how to incorporate it into their curriculum/work.

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