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Social Network Analysis for Business Applications Business Knowledge Series
Go beyond the traditional clustering and predictive models to identify patterns in your business data. Social network analysis describes customers' behavior, but not in terms of their individual attributes. Rather than basing models on static individual profiles, social network analysis depicts behavior in terms of how individuals relate to each other. In practical terms this approach highlights connections between individuals and organizations and how important they might be in viral effect throughout communities and particular groups. For business purposes, social network analysis can be employed to avoid churn, diffuse products and services, and detect fraud and abuse, among many other applications. This course shows you how to build networks from raw data and presents different approaches for analyzing your customers, focusing on their relationships and connections within the network.

Based on the recognition of customers', or organizations', roles within communities or special groups, you can improve business performance and better understand how your customers are using products and services. In addition to the network analysis approach to linking distinct entities, playing different roles on particular connections, this course also shows you a set of network optimization algorithms that you can use to solve a variety of complex business problems. Methods such as minimum-cost network flow, shortest path, linear assignment, minimum spanning tree, eigenvector, and transitive closure are presented in a business perspective for problem solving.

This course contains practical examples based on SAS Social Network Analysis Server and PROC OPTGRAPH.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom
SAS® Fraud Framework: Investigating Alerts Using Social Network Analysis
This course provides investigators with the knowledge and skills needed to use the Social Network Analysis interface, a component of SAS Fraud Framework. The course takes investigators through the process of accessing alerts associated with fraud and investigating alerts by analyzing the data related to the alerted entity. In addition, investigators learn how to explore relationships in the social network diagram and take action on alerts.

1 Beginner e-Learning
SAS® Fraud Framework: Administering Social Network Analysis
This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to implement the investigator interface of SAS Social Network Analysis 6.2M4, a component of SAS Fraud Framework. The course addresses the use of eight stored processes for populating the interface, and it provides an understanding of the tasks that must be completed before implementation. This course does not address installing SAS Social Network Analysis Server.

2 Fundamental e-Learning