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Creating Business Intelligence for Your Organization: Fast Track
This intensive training course provides accelerated learning for those students who will build reports, analyses, and dashboards for consumption by business users and other information consumers in their organization. This course is for individuals who are comfortable with learning large amounts of information in a short period of time.

4 Expert Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Enterprise Scheduling with Platform Suite for SAS
This course covers how to design job flows and schedule SAS jobs using the Platform Suite for SAS. The scheduled processes that are covered in this course include only user-written SAS code and SAS Data Integration Studio jobs. However, the concepts and techniques are applicable to SAS Web Report Studio reports, SAS Marketing Automation jobs, and SAS Marketing Optimization jobs as well.

The scheduling techniques covered in this course can be used in either a single-machine SAS server environment or in a SAS Grid environment. However, this course does not address SAS Grid topics apart from the scheduling component specifically. Grid topics are covered in the course SAS Grid Manager Administration.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom
Getting Started with the Platform for SAS Business Analytics
This course provides a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics applications, including SAS Data Integration Studio.

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom
Management Overview: Exploring the Platform for SAS Business Analytics
This recorded course provides a comprehensive, hands-on overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics applications, including the Data Integration applications.

1 Beginner e-Learning
SAS Activity-Based Management 7.x Advanced Reporting and Analysis
This course teaches you how to create focused reports using OLAP analysis cubes, report templates, and the classic analytic view of an ABC model. This self-study course includes structured course notes that provide a detailed overview, essential skills, and exercises, along with a software Virtual Lab to practice.

The e-learning includes:

  • digital course notes for self-study
  • Virtual Lab: 30 hours of hands-on software practice

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Business Intelligence Reporting: Fast Track
This course provides information on how to access and build reports as well as analyze data using several of the information consumer applications in the platform for SAS Business Analytics.

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom
SAS Platform Administration: Getting Started
This course provides an overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics from a platform administrator's perspective.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
Using SAS OLAP Cubes to Create Multidimensional Reports
This course is designed for users who want to analyze the business information that is stored in a SAS OLAP cube. The course provides opportunities to practice in a simulated SAS environment.

0 No level e-Learning
Using SAS Web Report Studio
This course shows how to build reports and analyze data using SAS Web Report Studio.

0 No level e-Learning