SAS Visual Text Analytics

名称 水平 培训形式
FDP - Shaping an Analytics and Machine Learning Curriculum
This outline is provisional and subject to change.The Faculty Development Program (FDP) teaches you fundamental concepts and relevant techniques in analytics and machine learning using a powerful mix of point-and-click visual SAS tools, including visual analytics, visual data mining and machine learning, and text analytics. The course also enables you to explore academic and collaborative opportunities with SAS in the area of advanced analytics for designing better curriculum and effective pedagogy.

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FDP-Shaping a Data Science Curriculum: Data Management, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
This FDP supports developing a data science program that covers a variety of topics and enables students to acquire the skills that industry is looking for their employees to have. The FDP helps universities develop a pool of talent with the range of analytical and technology skills to work in a data-rich business environment.

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SAS Viya中的SAS可视文本分析 New
SAS Visual Text Analytics使您能够利用自然语言处理,机器学习和语言规则的强大功能来发现隐藏在非结构化数据中的见解。 本课程探讨了可视文本分析的五个组成部分:解析,概念推导,主题推导,文本分类和情感分析。 对文档进行解析和分析,以揭示文档集中的主要主题。 复杂的语言查询可满足特定的信息需求。 使用从主题专家规则中提取的信息,结合针对模型和基于规则的主题和类别的机器学习结果,开发出一种集成解决方案。 该课程包括在分布式计算环境中动手使用SAS Viya。

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