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SAS Viya

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Viya Enablement Free
This course highlights SAS Viya, our new open platform built for analytics innovation. The course covers SAS Viya Administration, Transitioning from SAS 9 to SAS Viya, Data Mining and Machine Learning, SAS Visual Analytics 8.1, SAS Visual Investigator, SAS Econometrics, SAS Optimization, and SAS Visual Forecasting. The course also provides access to two workshops on SAS Viya tools.

0 No level e-Learning
SAS Visual Analytics 1 for SAS Viya: Basics
This course provides an introduction to data preparation, data discovery, and report creation in SAS Visual Analytics.

1 Beginner Classroom Live Web Classroom
SAS Visual Investigator: Building the Interface New
This course provides an introduction to SAS Visual Investigator 10.2 and teaches you how to develop an application interface.

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom
Supervised Machine Learning Using SAS Viya New
The course Supervised Machine Learning Using SAS Viya combines data exploration, visualization, data preparation, feature engineering, sampling and partitioning, model training, scoring, and assessment. It covers a variety of statistical, data mining, and machine learning techniques performed in a scalable and in-memory execution environment. This course provides theoretical foundation and hands-on experience with SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning through SAS Studio, a user interface for SAS programming. The course includes predictive modeling techniques such as linear and logistic regression, decision tree and ensemble of trees (forest and gradient boosting), neural networks, support vector machine, and factorization machine.

3 Intermediate Classroom
SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya: Interactive Model Building New
This course introduces SAS Visual Statistics on SAS Viya for building predictive models in an interactive, exploratory way. Exploratory model fitting is a critical step in modeling big data. This course is appropriate for users of SAS Visual Analytics 8.1 who have licensed Visual Statistics.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom
SAS Viya 3.2 Administration: Fundamentals
This course introduces SAS administrators to SAS Viya 3.2. The course provides an overview of the SAS Viya architecture. It also shows you how to perform essential SAS administration functions and monitor the environment using SAS Environment Manager, CAS Server Manager, and SAS Studio. Operating system commands to perform additional administrative tasks are also addressed.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning