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SAS Learning Conference - Do more with Programming & Analytics
We would like to invite you to a different way of learning SAS.

We do it in shorter time, covering more topics, lot's of hands-on exercises and get closer to your specific SAS-challenges.

Experts at Your Service
The instructors at the event are some of our most experienced colleagues in the Nordics, with many years of experience using SAS.

The learning day has two tracks and the possibility to Ask-the-experts.

In the first two we have shorter presentations of approximately one hour with handouts and hands-on exercises for selected sessions to underpin that you can bring the main points with you home. For the Ask-the-experts sessions, you can bring you own issues and get help on your specific questions.

This day is the ultimate possiblility for Tips & Tricks for Programming and Analytics.

0 No level Classroom
SAS Programming Series

Workshops with modern development environments and tools
SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Studio, SAS® Graph, ODS and Reports

Over the years our teachers at SAS have received questions about extra functionality when writing programs in SAS. All these questions are the foundation for these workshops we have created. These workshops will give you new tools and knowledge that will help you write SAS-programs in a more modern way.


Workshop 1- FCMP
  • An easy way to create your own functions

  • Workshop 2 - Filename
  • Doing more with filenames, e.g. read from web using URL, Sending E-mails, creating zip-files etc.

  • Workshop 3 - PROC IML basics and R interaction

    Workshop 4 - Advanced data step features
  • Advanced functions e.g. PRXMATCH, PRXCHANGE, INTNX

  • Workshop 5 - ODS
  • Data Templates
  • Style template

  • Workshop 6 - Macro
  • How does it work
  • Samples samples samples

  • Length: 3 hours each

    For onsite workshops at your location, KR 6.000,- / EUR 800 ex. VAT, pr. Workshop
    For public scheduled workshops, KR 1.000,- / EUR 130 ex. VAT, pr. person, pr. session

    1 Beginner Classroom
    Getting Started with SAS Studio New
    This course provides an introduction to SAS Studio and the SAS programming language. SAS Studio is an interface that enables users to write and submit SAS programs and use point-and-click methods to create reports and graphs.

    1 Beginner Classroom
    Exploring SAS Studio for SAS Programmers
    This course provides an introduction to SAS Studio for experienced SAS programmers. SAS Studio is an interface that enables users to write and submit SAS programs and use snippets and tasks to generate SAS code.

    The self-study e-learning includes:

    • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
    • Virtual Lab time to practice.

    3 Intermediate e-Learning