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Getting Started with SAS Studio New

1 Beginner Classroom
SAS Programming Series

Workshops with modern development environments and tools
SAS® Enterprise Guide®, SAS® Studio, SAS® Graph, ODS and Reports

Over the years our teachers at SAS have received questions about extra functionality when writing programs in SAS. All these questions are the foundation for these workshops we have created. These workshops will give you new tools and knowledge that will help you write SAS-programs in a more modern way.


Workshop 1- FCMP
  • An easy way to create your own functions

  • Workshop 2 - Filename
  • Doing more with filenames, e.g. read from web using URL, Sending E-mails, creating zip-files etc.

  • Workshop 3 - PROC IML basics and R interaction

    Workshop 4 - Advanced data step features
  • Advanced functions e.g. PRXMATCH, PRXCHANGE, INTNX

  • Workshop 5 - ODS
  • Data Templates
  • Style template

  • Workshop 6 - Macro
  • How does it work
  • Samples samples samples

  • Length: 3 hours each

    For onsite workshops at your location, KR 6.000,- / EUR 800 ex. VAT, pr. Workshop
    For public scheduled workshops, KR 1.000,- / EUR 130 ex. VAT, pr. person, pr. session

    1 Beginner Classroom
    Graphing Data Effectively and Avoiding Common Pitfalls
    The human mind is geared to look at patterns and attach immediate explanation to the patterns, consciously or subconsciously, and sometimes that conclusion or explanation might not be apt. This course discusses the common fallacies and paradoxes in statistics and data analysis, as well as common pitfalls in data visualization. The course also teaches general guidelines that help you avoid those pitfalls to ensure a fair and accurate representation of facts.

    1 Beginner Live Web Classroom
    SAS Viya Overview
    This course provides an introduction to the applications in SAS Viya and discusses how each application is used in each phase of the SAS Analytics Life Cycle: Data, Discovery, Deployment, and Orchestration.

    1 Beginner e-Learning
    Building SAS Studio Flows in SAS Viya
    This course is for users who do not have SAS programming experience but need to access and prepare data, and present summarized results. This course focuses on using flows, a point-and-click tool in SAS Studio that visualizes data transformation processes.

    1 Beginner Live Web Classroom e-Learning
    Getting Started with SAS Studio: A Point-and-Click Approach
    This introduction to SAS hands-on workshop shows how you can use the menu-driven tasks in SAS Studio to perform common reporting and research tasks. Several statistical procedures are used to analyze data and produce reports. SAS Studio provides a graphical point-and-click interface that helps you exploit the power of SAS. Demonstrations in the presentation use research type data and tasks in illustrating the functionality of SAS.

    Please note that this course does not teach statistical concepts, but it does teach how to use some statistical tools in SAS.

    2 Fundamental Live Web Classroom
    Essential Data Analysis Using SAS Studio Tasks: A Point-and-Click Approach
    In this course, you gain introductory knowledge into exploratory data analysis using SAS Studio tasks that execute the FREQ, MEANS, and UNIVARIATE procedures. The course focuses on the differences among these procedures as well as output interpretation. Introductory statistics terminology is also discussed.

    2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom
    Time Series Feature Mining and Creation
    In this course, you learn about data exploration, feature creation, and feature selection for time sequences. The topics discussed include binning, smoothing, transformations, and data set operations for time series, spectral analysis, singular spectrum analysis, distance measures, and motif analysis.

    3 Intermediate e-Learning
    Exploring SAS Studio for SAS Analytics Pro
    This course demonstrates how the functionality and features of SAS Studio for SAS Analytics Pro in SAS Viya can enable SAS programmers to save time by coding more efficiently.

    3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom e-Learning
    Exploring SAS Studio for SAS Programmers
    This course provides an introduction to SAS Studio for experienced SAS programmers. SAS Studio is an interface that enables users to write and submit SAS programs and use snippets and tasks to generate SAS code.

    The self-study e-learning includes:

    • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
    • Virtual Lab time to practice.

    3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
    Time Series Modeling Essentials
    This course discusses the fundamentals of modeling time series data. The course focuses on the applied use of the three main model types used to analyze univariate time series: exponential smoothing, autoregressive integrated moving average with exogenous variables (ARIMAX), and unobserved components (UCM).

    The e-learning format of this course includes Virtual Lab time to practice.

    3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
    Programming for SAS Viya
    This course is for users who need to modify existing Base SAS programs that will execute in SAS Viya. This course leverages the power of SAS Cloud Analytic Services (CAS) to access, manage, and manipulate in-memory tables. This course is not intended for beginning SAS software users.

    3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning