Important Update

Your safety is paramount. Due to COVID-19, upcoming public courses are converting to virtual Live Web classes with a live instructor and virtual labs to practice – just like an in-person class. And, selected Live Web classes in Europe are free. Due to high demand, one free Live Web course registration per individual. Self-paced e-Learning is also available.

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Real-Time Decision Manager: Creating Resources for Inbound Campaigns
This course provides an overview of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 6 and prepares you to build the resources needed to construct inbound marketing decisions using the solution. You can purchase Virtual Lab time to complete the practice exercises within the e-learning course.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
Managing and Using the SAS Customer Intelligence Common Data Model Free e-learning
The SAS Customer Intelligence common data model consists of tables that contain information about targeted customers, campaigns, and communications for reporting and follow-up marketing activities. The model also provides operational functionality that maintains real-time customer contact and response history data. For many administrators and users, the common data model is not fully understood. This course demystifies the common data model by presenting an in-depth explanation of its structure, use, and customization.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Real-Time Decision Manager: Administration
This course provides the detailed information and teaches you the skills that you need to perform administrative tasks for an existing implementation of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager.

3 Intermediate e-Learning