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SAS Management Console

Title Level Training Formats
SAS Platform Administration: Getting Started Free e-learning
This course provides an overview of the platform for SAS Business Analytics from a platform administrator's perspective.

3 Intermediate e-Learning
SAS Platform Administration: Metadata Administration
This course teaches students how to administer the SAS Metadata Server and the initial authentication process. Students will learn how to secure the SAS Intelligence Platform and the content that it contains, how to identify and administer the different types of users, identify and establish various security techniques, secure data and other shared content, and troubleshoot metadata security.

2 Fundamental Classroom
SAS Platform Administration: System Administration
This course provides students with the essential knowledge to perform the job functions of a SAS platform administrator.

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom
Preparing the SAS Metadata Environment for Users
This course is a practical course with focus on core administrative tasks such as creating users, folders and libraries. You are also introduced to the concept of metadata and selected servers that are the foundation for all deployments.

Formats available
Classroom, Onsite-Training, Mentoring

3 Intermediate Classroom
Monitoring and Auditing your SAS Environment
SAS Environment Manager is a web-based administration solution that enables you to administer, monitor, and manage SAS resources to ensure a healthy SAS environment. This course focuses on tailoring SAS Environment Manager with your preferences for alerts, monitoring and auditing.

Formats available
Classroom, Onsite-Training, Mentoring

3 Intermediate Classroom
SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track
This is a four-day immersion into SAS Platform administration for students needing an in-depth introduction or a refresher on managing a SAS Platform environment. The self-study e-learning includes:
  • Annotatable course notes in PDF format.
  • Virtual Lab time to practice.

4 Expert Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning