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SAS Grid Computing

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Using SAS Client Applications with SAS Grid Manager
This course teaches how to submit SAS jobs to the grid from a variety of SAS client applications (SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS Data Integration Studio, and SAS Enterprise Miner), from the SAS windowing environment, and from a command prompt. The course includes demonstrations, simulations, and questions.

3 Intermediate Classroom
Enterprise Scheduling with Platform Suite for SAS
This course covers how to design job flows and schedule SAS jobs using the Platform Suite for SAS. The scheduled processes that are covered in this course include only user-written SAS code and SAS Data Integration Studio jobs. However, the concepts and techniques are applicable to SAS Web Report Studio reports, SAS Marketing Automation jobs, and SAS Marketing Optimization jobs as well.

The scheduling techniques covered in this course can be used in either a single-machine SAS server environment or in a SAS Grid environment. However, this course does not address SAS Grid topics apart from the scheduling component specifically. Grid topics are covered in the course SAS Grid Manager Administration.

3 Intermediate Live Web Classroom
SAS Programming on the Grid
This course provides an introduction to the SAS Grid Manager for Platform environment and teaches how to submit SAS workload to the grid from a variety of different SAS products and user interfaces. The course includes hands-on exercises that run SAS applications with SAS Grid Manager for Platform and convert existing SAS programs to run on the grid.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
SAS Grid Manager Administration
In this course, you learn how to administer a SAS Grid Manager environment, including the users, applications, and resources in that environment. After you complete this course, you will understand SAS Grid Manager concepts and terminology and have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of the SAS Grid Manager architecture.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning