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SAS Forecast Server

Title Level Training Formats
SAS® Demand-Driven Forecasting: Using the Solution
This course teaches forecasters and planners how to use SAS Forecast Analyst Workbench to predict product demand by using complex statistical models, develop a forecast consensus across the organization, and aggregate selected forecasts in the SAS Supply Chain Intelligence Center.

2 Fundamental Classroom
Forecasting Using SAS® Forecast Server Software
This course prepares you to generate large volumes of forecasts automatically using the SAS Forecast Studio interactive interface. This course includes practice data and exercises.

This course supports both the desktop and client/server versions. Additional topics for students that license the client/server version of SAS Forecast Studio include producing reports using sample stored processes and a demonstration of SAS Time Series Studio.

The self-study version of this course contains structured course notes that provide a detailed overview and exercises and that help you develop essential skills. There is also a Virtual Lab that enables you to practice what you learn in the course.

The e-learning includes the following:

  • digital course notes for self-study
  • Virtual Lab: 20 hours of hands-on software practice

2 Fundamental Classroom Live Web Classroom e-Learning
Analytics-Driven Forecasting Business Knowledge Series
This course explores analytics-driven forecasting with a focus on people, processes, analytics, and technology that drive improved demand forecasting and planning within retail/manufacturing companies. After completing this two-day course, you will be able to implement a multi-step, analytics-driven demand forecasting process and champion the critical shift in leadership to change the corporate culture that is necessary to drive adoption and accountability while never losing focus on continually improving demand forecasting and planning excellence. Commercial and demand forecasting professionals, manufacturers of consumer products, electronics, sportswear, appliances, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and other related companies, as well as retailers, can master the key principles of analytics-driven planning, gain new analytics skill sets, and implement an analytics-driven planning process that your company can implement to transition to the next generation demand management.

This course is a combination of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises that use the latest SAS Demand-Driven Planning solutions. During demonstrations, students will be able to follow along with the instructor and use the actual technology.

Note: This course was previously titled Next Generation Demand Management: People, Process, Analytics, and Technology.

3 Intermediate Classroom
Using SAS® Forecast Server Procedures
This course teaches you how to create and manage a complete forecasting system using the SAS Forecast Server procedures, giving you the power to confidently plan your business operations.

3 Intermediate Classroom Live Web Classroom