SAS Visual Forecasting

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Forecasting Using Model Studio in SAS Viya
本課程利用SAS Viya 的Model Studio 進行時間序列預測分析的實作學習。課程從資料的記憶體載入開始,依序介紹時間序列資料的視覺化、透過模型流程工具建置時間序列模型、挑選冠軍模型。接下來,課程將轉向介紹大規模時間序列模型建置方法,包含資料階層結構的設計、預測結果整合、覆寫,以及模型選擇方法的最佳實務做法。

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Time Series Feature Mining and Creation
In this course, you learn about data exploration, feature creation, and feature selection for time sequences. The topics discussed include binning, smoothing, transformations, and data set operations for time series, spectral analysis, singular spectrum analysis, distance measures, and motif analysis.

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